Monday, June 16, 2008

Stomach Bug

I am slowly recovering from the mystery stomach bug that, apparently, has been going around. It started late last monday and I declared myself offically well this morning when I had a protein bar for breakfast and my stomach decided that it was okay with that. Being sick has not been fun. Luckily, I only missed one day at the gym, so I am not too far behind in my training schedule. Of course, the days of laying around while not at school or work hasn't been the best for my endurance. Oh well. After a few days of not feeling well, I went to the doctor thinking that I had something seriously wrong with me because it seemed like my symptoms came and went and I didn't know a single person who was sick. Then, when I went to work over the weekend I talked to at least 5 different people who had had it recently and Anthony talked to just as many on his floor of the hospital who had been sick too. Now I need to track down the person who gave it to me and return the favor!

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Claudia said...

I hope you get well!