Friday, February 16, 2018

Beginning of February

Our Feburary has been a crazy month for me. I started doing some at home computer work for Anthony's work 25 hours a week AND finishing a 62 bow tie order for a peewee football team AND I started giving flute lessons to a girl from church AND planning a 45 minute training for stake primary auxiliary training and attending ward conferences in other wards AND planning the stake blue and gold banquet that I am in charge of at the end of the month AND all the usual crazy activities that we normally get up to. So knowing all that context, you can really appreciate the headaches I am giving myself doing all this stuff with the boys :) 

Our silkie went broody again so this time I decided to immediately order some fertile eggs for her to sit on and hatch. We have been wanting more chicks anyway, so I got a random mix of more rare breeds. It will be fun to try to figure out what we ended up with once they hatch! Since this is her first time as a momma, I didn't want to put all the eggs under her just in case she doesn't do things right. So I gave her 4 and put the other 10 in our incubator. It will be interesting to see which method has a better hatch rate. They take 21 days to hatch and I put them in on February 1st, so we should have chicks around the 21st of the month. The best part about having the silkie hatching the eggs, is that she will take care of them and keep them warm and everything so we won't have to worry about lights and temp and checking their bottoms. All we have to do is separate her from the other chickens and she will do all of that, even for the ones that hatch in the incubator. So much easier for us!

The food we chose to feed Baymax is this high quality brand that is specially formulated for large breed puppies. We originally ordered it online, but then it went out of stock and the only place near us that sells it is a health food store (which tells you how crazy expensive it is! I don't know if we are going to stick with this food). The health food store had a hydroponics set up for selling their herbs. How cool is that!

James' school had a walkathon to raise money for building a school gym (that will also be a hurricane shelter so it is extra expensive to build). I stayed to help with the kindergarten/first grade time slot. They had little obstacles to do around the field and if they went around 8 times or more they got a special mile charm for their necklace. James ran around with his friends and I ran around with Rett trying to catch up to him :)

One of the other moms got a picture of me doing the army crawl station with Rett:

The theme at the preschool story time this particular week was cowboys and they had these adorable foam noodle horses for them to pretend to ride.

This is the face he made when I asked him to smile. Stinker!

For their craft, they made sheriff hats. This was Rett's "sheriff" face

Everyone in the area was really excited for the launch of SpaceX's falcon heavy. It launched twice as much weight than any other rocket has ever launched and it was the first step in being able to launch enough equipment to send people to Mars. I was so excited to tell James all about it, but of course they talked about it in school that day so he already knew! He said, "Yeah mom! And there is a red convertible in the cargo bay!" The owner of SpaceX thought it would be fun to launch a Tesla with a mannequin dressed up in a spacesuit in the driver's seat. So now this is on it's way to Mars:

The countdown for the launch started right after school let out, so we didn't drive anywhere we just stayed on the playground at the school so we wouldn't miss it. It was so cool to see it go up and then to hear it.

Rett had his first basketball game! It went about as expected... A lot of running around, not paying attention and not even knowing where the ball was. But I think he had fun, so that is good :) They were down one player, so the coach asked James to play. Right after he asked him, James turned to me with this big smile and said, "I've been hoping he would ask me to play!!"

Rett got the ball finally!

I ordered a large dog bed from china right after we brought Baymax home. It finally arrived and when I took it out it was a bit..small. I think we need to have a discussion with China about what "large" means.

I was craving some honey rolls, so we went to Texas Roadhouse. I think our waitress had to end up bringing us four baskets of rolls. We couldn't stop eating them. So good!

Rett wanted to play hide and go seek, so he hid and then asked me to come find him. I had zero clues as to where he was...

James remembered that he really likes fish, so he ate fish for dinner three nights in a row!! Yay for getting healthy food into this kid!

We are going to do a color run 5k with the boys in April, so I started taking Rett to "practice running". He is loving it! He especially loves it when he is faster than me. While walking/running we spotted this little tree gnome hanging out on a tree stump. After seeing that, Rett had to tell everyone we passed on the sidewalk about "the man in the tree". They all smiled politely at him and had no idea what he was talking about :)

While I was in Deland for auxiliary training, Anthony had the boys at Rett's basketball game. While I was walking into the building, I saw this text from Anthony. I had to stop walking I was laughing so hard!! I love it when stuff like this happens to Anthony when he is taking care of the kids. Revenge!

James' 7th Birthday!

Our little guy turned 7!! Anthony decorated the house with streamers for him to wake up to.

James didn't want me to bring cupcakes to school (he isn't a fan), so we brought chocolate chip muffins instead. It was a hit! He also wanted everyone in his class to get a kinderjoy egg, then he decided he wanted to give everyone a penny as well. I thought that would be a lot for his teacher to keep track of and manage, so we went ahead and got little party bags to put them in. While at the party store, James saw the goody bag toys and had to pick some out for his classmates. I love how much he wanted to give to everyone else on his birthday. Such a sweet boy!

After school James was allowed to open his present from Rett before Anthony got home. Rett gave him a water activated tiny boat to play with in the bathtub.

After Anthony got home, he opened his presents from us. He got a smartwatch that he can call us on and we can call him on (although it isn't allowed in school so he really can only wear it on the weekends)

And a replacement for a chainsaw nerf gun that broke over Christmas. He was very happy to see it!

We went to Beef O Brady's for dinner since they have a back patio you can eat on that has games like life-sized Jenga and life-sized connect four to play. Right before we left they also lit the fire pit, so it was even more exciting!
Doing some whistle dancing:

After we came home from dinner, we sang to James and let him blow out his candle on a Publix sprinkle cookie, his absolute favorite dessert.

A few days later it was time for his Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party with his classmates. I sent invites to the entire class and 7 of them were able to come. James was so excited to be able to play the games with his friends.

Pizza time!

I got cupcakes this time even though James wanted more sprinkle cookies. I had to explain to him that at this kind of party, the cake is more for everybody else :)

Present time!

James got to go in the ticket blaster where they shoot the air all around and you try to catch as many tickets as you can. This year he got smart and stomped on them and grabbed them from the ground. Look at all those tickets!

This is what I posted on Facebook the day of his birthday and I just wanted to make sure that I remembered it: 7 years ago today James impatiently made his appearance 4 weeks before his due date. He came only 1 hour after pulling up to the hospital (was almost an ER delivery) and we've been trying to keep up with him ever since! Where would the world be without the invention of naked tile sliding?? And how would we recognize all the treasures around us just waiting to be picked up and pocketed? We sure do love our determined, fun loving, aggressively curious young man!!