Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Elf on the shelf returns!

James 2 came back for his yearly visit! I didn't take as many pictures this year of all of his antics, but the boys sure did have fun finding him every day.

December Fun

A local curb alert Facebook group posted about some beehives out by the trash. We've been wanting to start a few beehives, so some free ones seemed like they were meant for us! As soon as I saw the post, I got right in the car to go get them. I knew that they would be snapped up fast and I was so glad I got there first! So now we have them in our shed while we figure out what the different pieces are and where we are going to buy our first bee colonies from.

Rett making his hand a star wars spaceship during morning mile:

We've found quite a few painted rocks lately and Rett has been loving it!

Eating lunch at the park:

The last two weeks before school let out, I spent almost every day helping out with the PTA's Christmas store fundraiser. It was a lot of work and effort, but the kids loved being able to shop for their families and the school raised a lot of money for the new playground.

Parents and kids donated handmade crafts for the store and they were such a great seller we might do a craft fair later this year.

The four other ladies on the Christmas store committee were so fun to work with. We spent so much time together we bonded a lot and now we've decided to have a monthly ladies night out with each other. After the store was closed and finished, we all went out for appetizers to celebrate.

Our local Chick-fil-a did a fun activity this year of hiding a stuffed cow around town in a different place every day in December. They would post a picture of its location on Facebook, and the first person to find it can bring it in for free food and prizes. We just happened to be driving right by the location of the cow one morning, and we actually got there first! Our prize was free chicken nuggets and a Chick-fil-a tumbler.

The snakes have been getting mighty cozy lately... this is the time of year that they would be mating but we aren't sure if our female snake is old enough to lay eggs yet. I guess we will find out in the spring!

Rett got a hair cut! He looks so much older and grown up without his long curls. I tried to leave some curls on the top and if I put mousse in it, it will still curl up. He cried the entire time I was cutting his hair, but as soon as I was done and he saw himself in the mirror, he smiled and said, "I like it!".

The relief society president left a surprise present on our front door: a kit for decorating ugly Christmas sweater cookies. The boys decorated them all that night and saved a special few for Grandma and insisted that no one eat those.

Grandma came for her Christmas visit before she left for my sister's house for the holiday. So we got to open presents with her early!

James picked out this ring for Grandma:

Rett opening a book from Grandma:

James got a book too:

James also picked out this hand painted Christmas flamingo glass for my mom at the school Christmas store. She loves all things flamingo, so this was perfect for her!

My mom got me these awesome Harry Potter leggings and a farming book I've had on my amazon wish list. They are definitely my new favorite leggings!

My mom got to be here for our ward Christmas party. It was packed! At least when it comes to ward activities, we are completely outgrowing our building. If we could get our Sunday meetings to be that packed maybe we would be able to get a larger building built. Santa visited our party and asked all the kids if they had been good and what they wanted for Christmas. James asked for a Krazy Kar.

Rett asked for an angry birds car and a candy car.

After their turn with Santa, the boys wanted to go outside to look for his sleigh. They insisted on running around in all the empty parking spots just in case the sleigh was invisible. 

After the food, our ward had their annual snowball fight! Everyone goes crazy trying to hit each other with soft white balls. Double points if you hit the bishop :)

A sweet friend from church saved her broken dvd player just for James. She thought he would love to take it apart and she was right! He had so much fun looking at all the parts and seeing how they fit together.

Explaining to me what the circuit board does:

We watched Home Alone, easily the boys favorite Christmas movie ever. They love watching the bad guys get hurt!

Rett is a Star Wars fanatic (which is funny because he has never actually seen the movies) thanks to Lego Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars. He was so excited to see these balloons in Winn-Dixie!

After a long time of only getting a few eggs a day we finally started getting more. It was awesome to go out there and get six in one day!

The last day of school before Christmas break, all the kids got to wear pajamas to school and watch "The Grinch" and eat grinch-themed food. James was sooooo excited to wear his pajamas to school. He was excited to see what everyone else would wear.

Rett wanted to wear his pajamas too! After we dropped James off, Rett and I went out for pancakes for our own little celebration.

I had to get a picture of my weird kids! I wanted to stop for ice cream one night but since BOTH of them don't like ice cream we have to get them a bag of chips as their treat :)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

School Christmas Performance and Christmas Parades

James had his school Christmas music performance at the beginning of December. Anthony had to work, so I was on my own with these two. I knew that it was going to be standing room only in the cafeteria where they have the performances, so I got there an hour early. Thank goodness for kindle fires!!

Both of the boys wanted to wear Santa hats and light up necklaces. So adorable!

James found a friend from his class: Kylie K. (since there are two Kylies in his class they add the initial). They are assigned to sit next to each other at lunch and in class and have becoming the most adorable friends! Her mom works in the cafeteria and said that she is so glad that they have started playing together because for the longest time at lunch she would just sit and eat quietly with no one to talk to.

While I was saving our seats, James wanted to go with Kylie and her family to drop off her older sister at the middle school. Her mom took this picture of them holding hands. I am dying at how adorable they are!!

James showed me where his seat was on the stage so I got to be right in front of him this year. He also happened to be behind the piano, but what can you do? :)

We went to our annual Christmas parades this year, first was for New Smyrna Beach:

Rett is still terrified of the loud noises. If he even thinks it will make a noise, he covers his ears.

The theme this year was riverfront Christmas, so there were a lot of fishing/beach life floats.

James and Rett found a group of kids sitting close to the floats and joined in:


A local restaurant called The Garlic always throws out whole cloves of garlic to the crowd. The adults get pretty competitive about catching them. James really wanted one too, he was jumping up and down and waving his hands. No luck though.

This adorable little boy was in a remote control power wheels being steered by his mom. It was the coolest thing ever!

Snow! (Soap bubbles)

The parade always ends with Santa and his sleigh:

The following week was the Edgewater parade. We almost considered not going because it was drizzling and sooooo cold (40's maybe?) but it is so hard to skip when we've gone every year. It is a tradition! We brought blankets to wrap up in, a few umbrellas and made the most of it. The boys thought it was extra fun. Anthony thought he was dying.

We had to take a picture of the flamingos instead of reindeer for my mom. She would have loved it!