Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Park and Kennedy Space Center

It wasn't too hot to play at the park that doesn't have a shade cover, so we had fun playing somewhere different. The ice cream truck stopped by so the boys got Popsicle. Rett had two licks before is started dripping down his arm and making him sticky, so he threw his in the trash almost immediately. (No more Popsicles for him!!!) James did a good job of finishing his mega Popsicle, but I had to stand far away from him because the wind kept blowing melted Popsicle at me!

James school started a "morning mile" program where 30 minutes before school starts anyone who wants to can walk laps around the school for some exercise. They get a red straw for every lap that they do and the kids are very competitive with each other about how many straws they get. Every day James wants to leave for school earlier and earlier so that he can get more laps in and get even more straws. At the end of the 30 minutes, all the kids turn in their straws and mark down how many they did. Then the PE coach tallies their laps down and they earn charms for a necklace based on their distance. The first morning everyone got participation medals for walking, even Rett!

General conference weekend Seabiscuit pushed a hole through his fence and escaped! We didn't realize it until late in the afternoon and we hoped that he was hiding somewhere in our yard. The next day we looked everywhere for him but still couldn't find him. I was really hoping that he had just hid himself so good in the yard that we didn't see him. On Monday morning Anthony put missing posters at the beginning of our street and the phone calls started! It seems like every neighbor on our road saw him at one point over the weekend except for us! I talked to one woman who said someone pulled over and took him in their car and said that they were going to give him to a rescue place they knew. She told me she thought they lived at the very end of our street, over the railroad tracks. Our street is pretty divided between the front paved section of houses with small lots (1ish acres) and the other side of the train tracks where the street is not paved and the lots are more like 5-10 acres. So I took the boys down the dirt road section of our street and knocked on 6+ doors until I found the house who knew where Seabiscuit was. It turns out, the people in the car were their grandchildren who live near orlando and they had taken Seabiscuit home with them and then given him to their friend who has tortoises in Deltona. It took about a week of phone calls back and forth trying to get a hold of the right people, but we finally got him home. What a trouble maker!

Now he is living inside the house until we can finish his more secure pen made of wood in the backyard. It is kind of cold for him in the house, so he mostly just sleeps in whatever corner he feels comfortable in that day. We did use a non-toxic glue to put a gps tracker and a dog tag with our contact info on his shell just in case this ever happens again. Hopefully we will never have to use it!

I brought our tortoise out to meet him. He was too busy chowing down to notice. We aren't sure but we think ours is a girl based on the rate it is growing so hopefully these two will give us baby tortoises one day!

We spent way too much money at the pet store buying things for the festival goldfish tank. We even bought a few fresh water fish to keep them company :) James' goldfish died soon after we set them all up, but Rett's is still going strong.

We took our annual trip to Kennedy Space Center! We had a great time, the boys loved it and they were tired out before we were! There is always so much to see there, even though we have been there quite a few times I still don't think I have seen everything. Our first stop was the bus tour to the Saturn V center and to see the launch pads.

Rett is terrible about taking pictures right now. As soon as you tell him you are going to take a picture, he tries to hide.

The boys both went into the international space station model to crawl around and then they came back out of the entrance. The exit has them crawl through a see-through tube that is two stories in the air and when they got to that part, James told Rett, "We can't do that, we have to go back".

After they came back out, Rett went right back in, crawled all the way through the see-through part and as soon as he popped out he said, "See James, I told you I could do it!".

Anthony and the boys went down the shuttle slide a few times:

James was tall enough to go on the launch simulator ride this time, but Rett has a few more inches before he can make the cut. They let us all get in line and then right before it started, they took me and Rett to the "VIP viewing area" that has tv screens set up like mission control that show what is happening inside the ride. They let Rett push the big green button that starts the ride and even gave him a silver NASA coin. I think he had better time than James did!

See you next year NASA!

Friday, October 13, 2017

End of September

James' entire class received an invitation to a classmate's birthday party at a bowling alley! Anthony was off helping people clean yards after the hurricane, so I double checked with the birthday boy's mom that it was okay to bring Rett. There were so many kids and family members there, she said one more would definitely not be a problem :) They had a great time bowling, I don't know why we don't do it more often!

James and the birthday boy, Jake, opening his small drone James got him:

We took an afternoon walk around the park one day. It stinks that it is still so hot here that it only really becomes bearable to play outside after 6pm. We ended up finding a legless lizard. Don't ask me how exactly it is different from a snake, but Anthony and James know how :)

We came across two hawks hanging out around a field and they let us get pretty close to them. Anthony came up with the idea of catching a lizard and throwing it up to them. The hawk actually swooped down and caught it midair!!! They tried to do it again and video it this time, but the hawk didn't go for it a second time. Seriously, Anthony does the coolest things!

Anthony's birthday started with a present from the boys (a NASA tshirt) and some french toast for breakfast (his favorite).

His birthday fell on a day we go to Lake Mary for James' OT appointment, so we didn't have a lot of time to celebrate at home. At work Anthony's coworkers got him a cake, but he was so busy that he didn't even get to eat any! He told them to go ahead and cut the cake while he was seeing patients and then he took some home to eat later. How depressing is that? Working on your birthday is no fun! After we got home from Lake Mary, he sang and had him blow out his candles on his cookie cake:

Anthony couldn't really think of anything he wanted as a present for his birthday and since we just had to buy a new refrigerator for the condo we agreed not to get him anything...but then his actual birthday was such a let down and not fun at all for him so I decided to surprise him with a new xbox! The old one we have been using makes it hard for him to play Halo with Jared and Pablo since they have the new ones. He almost never gets to play since he is so busy so I thought this would be the perfect treat for him. It was so fun to watch him open the box, he thought it was something for the aquarium he forgot he ordered. Nope!

One side of our yard is mostly cleared of branches that came down in the hurricane, but the other side is still pretty bad. Maybe one day it will actually not be 100 degrees outside and we can go out and clean up without feeling like dying!

Anthony cut down this palm tree and had me get a video of his lumberjack skills.

After the tree fell down, Anthony was cutting it into pieces and found a dead bat. I guess it had been living in the tree and died when it fell. Anthony was sad that it died, but he thought it was so cool to see the bat up close. I wish I could say that the bat is NOT in my freezer right now. But I can't. Someone wanted to keep it because it was just so cool.

James wanted me to get a picture of one of his key chain prizes he got for selling coupon books at school:

Every year they have a big expo/festival in port orange and this was our first year of checking it out. In past years there was always something else going on that weekend. This time my mom was in town so she got to experience the chaos with us!

Playing with bubbles at someone's table:

The boys didn't want the coloring book at the honda dealership table, so they gave them dry erase pens to write on a car. So exciting!

Total concentration:

We did a few carnival games. At the fishing game James got a stuffed whale and Rett got a stuffed dog.

I told the boys that they could each ride one ride. James picked a tall slide, but when he got his tickets and walked to the top he changed his mind. He said it looked taller at the top than it did from the bottom :) Rett wanted to do the slide too but he was too short. At the rate he is growing, next year will be his year for it! So he settled for the carousel and he really liked it!

We played the game where you try to throw ping pong balls in the glass bowls to win a goldfish. James reeeeeally wanted to win. They threw an entire bucket of balls and didn't even get close :) As we were turning to go, the person running the booth reached over and handed me two tickets for them to come back and get their own goldfish when it was time for us to go home. It was so nice of him! The boys gave him a high five and they were very happy to pick out their very own fish.

We passed by a karate booth where you get to spin the wheel and whatever move it says, someone from the karate school will show you how to do it. James didn't want to try it, but Rett was game for trying out nunchucks. He was so cute doing it! Plus, he was actually pretty good at it!

They were running a special on the little dragons class (ages 4-6), $19 for 8 classes and a free uniform so I went ahead and signed Rett up. Maybe this will be his sport, after all it is in the air conditioning!

After the festival we had some down time at home listening to general conference. I got a picture of the boys playing quietly with play doh. So rare that they are this still and playing well together. Right as a took this picture, a speaker was talking about how deceptive pictures on social media can be. For example, if I had posted this picture online someone might think that these boys play together like this all the time which is far from true. It is more like an mma match at our house most of the time :)