Friday, June 22, 2018

Disney Getaway and Father's Day

The week after getting home from North Carolina, the boys and I had a three day getaway at a disney resort hotel! Since my nephew was visiting my mom from Ohio, my mom booked the room months ago. I suggested that I come and bring the boys and then we could split the cost of the room (soooo crazy expensive!!). I tried to talk the hotel up a lot to the boys, we are trying to convince them that going to a disney themed hotel and playing by the pool is all there is to a disney vacation. I wonder how long we can keep that up!!

We had a suite with a bedroom, living room, and two bathrooms in the lion king section of the hotel. There were so many cool life size decorations everywhere you went!

We walked around a little bit to explore the different parts of the hotel, and when we walked through the Little Mermaid section the boys were so confused by the decorations. Then I realized, they have never seen the little mermaid!!! Terrible parenting! :)

We saw two bunnies just hanging out next to the sidewalk:

Playing at the splash pad by the pool with their cousin Savino. He was such a good sport and let them pull him around and put him in "jail" on the different jets of water.

Then it was pool time! They wanted to swim in the pool at all times, all day. There were so many other kids there to play with, they loved it!

James wanted me to get a video of him pretending to give birth to a beach ball. Okkkaaaay then.

Later that night, they set up an inflatable tv screen to have disney movies by the pool. That night it was Tarzan. We stayed for the entire movie! Sometimes the boys got out to eat the popcorn the staff was passing around, the rest of the time they got back in the pool to swim.

The hotel had a big arcade, so the next morning we spent some time in there.

They both got really into all the driving video games.

After the arcade, we boarded the shuttle bus to take us to Disney Springs! (Just a very large disney themed shopping center). It was pretty hot and the boys really just wanted to go back to the pool, so we didn't stay long. The bus ride was half the fun!

We visited the lego store where the boys got to make their own mini figures, then we had lunch at a restaurant inside a large paddleboat. Instead of crayons and paper, they give kids these bendable straws called wikistiks and we had a lot of fun with them while we were waiting for our food.

This is how Rett gives thumbs up. He was approving of the chicken :)

We also stopped by Planet Hollywood to buy some light up cups we saw someone else with and James was very impressed to see the real life R2D2 they used in the movie!

We got to swim in the pool a little bit that night, but they ended up closing it down early because of a lightning storm in the area. I promised James that we would come to the pool the next morning as soon as they opened so that we could get a few hours of swimming in before going home. They both loved swimming in the morning, but Rett quit early because he was staaaaaarving (as usual). I asked my mom to bring him a snack since I couldn't leave with James in the pool. She brought him some Cheetos and it made his day, he was so happy!

It was only an hour and half drive home, so once we got back I went to go let all the animals out and check on everyone. After being gone for a few days, I was welcomed back by a fat rat snake in our quail coop! He didn't hurt any of the quail, but he obviously ate at least three eggs. James helped me get him out and put him in a temporary cage so that we could relocate him (if we just let him go he would come right back).

Father's Day started out great for Anthony because they cancelled all the early morning meetings he usually has to go to before church. So we let him sleep in and made him french toast for breakfast (his favorite). The boys also had cards for him and filled out questionnaires about him.

Opening his cards:

Group hug!! Baymax always jumps in when he sees that we are excited about something.

This is the tshirt I bought him for Father's day. It is so true!! Bees are all he ever wants to talk about!

The next day Anthony really wanted to take the boys to a boat ramp down the road to try to catch small creatures in our seine net. We realized pretty quickly that the net wasn't working right, so we gave that up. Anthony caught some bait fish and put some fishing poles out while the boys played around and explored in the water.

Seriously. This is my life every day.

James is getting pretty good at using the cast net!

We did catch one fish while we were there, this is Anthony reeling it in with the boys:

A catfish!

He seriously made this face just for the camera. As soon as I stopped holding up my phone he was back to looking normal. Crazy kid!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Beginning of June

A friend sent me this notification she saw in a local facebook group. Baby coyotes hanging out in someone's driveway. Crazy!

I saw this meme and had to send it to Anthony. Anthony is completely in love with our bees!

James had his end of the year party on his last day of school. I came to help and brought Rett with me. Rett only gets to come on party days like this, so I think he might be getting the wrong idea of what school is like :)

Watching a movie with everyone:

Everyone went out to recess to play together and I got to see the Beyblade group in action. James tells me all about the different battles he has on the playground so it was fun to see in person. They played beyblades the entire time :)

After recess they all came inside to make their own bag of trail mix (their party was camping themed) and to play bingo. If someone got bingo, they got to choose something out of the treasure box, which I thought was a great way to clean the box out at the end of the year. Rett was pretty grumpy, he hadn't slept well the night before and he doesn't handle the heat well. This little girl named Evie in James' class asked him if he wanted to play and basically adopted him for the day. It was soooooo helpful! She got him a chair and wanted him to share her desk and loved on him all afternoon. Can I just say what an absolute blessing kids like that are???  I hope her parents realize it!

No Bingo for James :(

The boys were very excited for the last day of school because I told them that we were keeping on the Parkes family tradition of the last day movie party. When I was growing up, on the last day of school we all got to choose a movie to watch and a treat to eat and then we would stay up all night watching them and eating junk. Rett was so excited, he asked me everyday for a week if it was the last day of school yet :) I set up the air mattress in the living room and we watched Despicable Me 1 and 2 while we ate popcorn, rainbow nerds, and swedish fish. We know how to party!

A lot of my facebook friends have been finding birds nests everywhere and getting to watch them hatch into baby birds. I made a comment to my mom that of all the people to find birds eggs, how come we hadn't found any yet? Then while Anthony was refilling out goat feeder with hay, he found this nest in the hay bale! We got a look at the parents later and researched them. They are Carolina wren eggs.

My new dining room table is finally finished!! I put a deposit on it in early December to get it built and finished by woodworker in Jacksonville. He had some health issues that made it take a lot longer than it usually does, but it was totally worth the wait. Now we have so much more room when people come over!

It has been raining basically nonstop for about a month here, which has caused some drainage issues all around town. We've definitely had more water build up than we are used to, but the boys love it. More fun for splashing in, they say.

Lily routinely sits or lays down with her head completely inside the hay feeder, eating away. The two goats will go through an entire barrel full of hay in about a week!

This is James' set up for going out to help us with the bees. The bee suit is adult sized so we have to use a belt on it so bees doing fly up from underneath. He kind of reminds me of a Jedi dressed like this.

We let one of our broody chickens keep a few of our eggs to hatch and one of them popped out a few days ago. This a chick from our chicken Buckbeak, who lays greenish blue eggs. Hopefully the chick will be a girl and we can have another one laying that color egg in 6 months!

I just can't get enough of this cute face!!!!

Anthony decided it was time to teach James how to cast net. James took it very seriously and wanted to keep practicing until he got it just right.

I caught a cold, lost my voice, and the congestion has lingered for awhile. It has made it hard for me to read Harry Potter to the boys (we are at the end of the 4th book), but I just can't stop! They keep begging me to read more and I love that they love it. Sometimes while I am reading, they start doing something or talk to each other and I have to try to yell so that they hear the part I'm reading, because it is an important part! :)

Playing one of our new math games. It is called "7 ate 9" and it is like uno, only you have to do addition or subtraction to find out the number you can put down.

We've been meaning to weigh Baymax for awhile, so we finally did and discovered that he is 82 pounds at 7 months old! When I did the math I had Anthony step on the scale again to see if I read it right. Sure enough, I was right the first time. He is growing so fast!

We let the goats out and they decided to just go straight to the source and eat the hay from the bale instead of from their feeder.

Then Anthony made the mistake of leaving his car door open. They are so curious, if you leave a car door open, or the house door open they run as fast as they can to try to get inside. Even if I open the trunk of the van (like to get groceries) they run over and jump in, just to see what is in there. It is funny and annoying at the same time :)