Friday, June 27, 2008

Hidden Treasures

With all of this time off of school and with Ant fiddling with his new aquarium, I decided to do some cleaning, and man did I hit the jackpot!!! I found two entire dresser drawers full of Anthony's childhood pictures! I think that I had only seen one or two pictures of him as a kid and I always thought it odd that his family of many-photo-takers didn't have many pictures of him when he was young. I just chalked it up to him being the fifth child. Now the mystery is solved!! There are literally over 100 pictures of him at birthday parties, yearly school pictures, family pictures, yearly soccer and baseball pictures, etc.. It is so neat to see snapshots of his life and what made him the wonderful man he is today. It's also fun to try and guess what our kids are going to look like :) Here are a few of my favorites:
This is a picture of him just six hours old! I think this is what his mom meant when he said he was, and I quote, "an ugly baby". Hey, ugly babies grow up to be the cutest people, right?
I call this one: "chicklet teeth"

I found soooo many pictures of Anthony making faces at the camera. Anthony explained to me that he did that so often, that one of his nicknames was "the face".

There were a few more pictures that were PRICELESS, but Anthony made me promise not to post them. You didn't hear it from me, but one featured him in a wig, makeup, and a dress sitting demurely on a chair with his legs crossed, holding his purse and smiling for the camera. (I am hoping that this was just some torture thought up by one of his four sisters). The other one was just classic 80's: Anthony wearing only short shorts, a blue headband, and white roller skates leaning up against an RV in a driveway. My sides still hurt from laughing!


Happy said...

Too funny about thinking there were not pictures of him as a baby! That actually did happen to Jared though. He is the 6th kid and after hours of searching with his mom, we could only find ONE picture of him as a baby!! The next one was taken when he was about 2 years old! And his mom said that he was such an ugly baby that she thought it was cruel that Heavenly Father would send such an ugly baby into a family with so many cute brothers and sisters!

Phambabe said...

Oh those pictures are great!! I love the one of him with the bowl on his head too! I am getting ready to scan in a bunch of pictures of Tim when he was little and some more of Haley and Chantal too. I love seeing old pictures!

grandpaandmimi said...

We need to get one of our family pictures to show what we looked like when he was a baby. We were only able to use one out of twenty four shots.
Our photographer quit after that!
It sure brings back happy memories.
Now he is the smart one!!!
Mom said cute too!!