Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bat House

Ant and I went to a bat house that is on the UF campus this weekend to watch the bats come out. If you have never seen it, it is an amazing experience! At dusk, the bats slowly start coming out one at a time and then all of a sudden they all come out in black swarming cloud. The bat house is directly opposite a lake that has lots of alligators and soft-shelled turtles, so we also got to see around 4 or 5 a little TOO friendly gators. I told Anthony that when it comes to gator-watching it seems like a catch-22 because you want them to come up close to you so you can see them, but if the gators start coming up to people too often then the wildlife commission euthanizes them. *Sigh* The perilous life of an alligator.

There were quite a few families at the bat house with their kids waiting for the bat-show. Here are a few of the things some of the kids said while the bats were coming out. Anthony and I tried to not be too obvious about what we were laughing at :)

"I can hear them chit-chatting"
"They are making me wiggle" (stated as they were flying over head)
"I wonder what it is like to have rabies..."

Kids say the darndest things!

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Phambabe said...

Haley STILL talks about the bat house! I think Tim was a little freaked out hehe. It was hard to describe it to his family, it's definitely a "have to see it to believe it" experience!