Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just say no to crack...

Anthony demonstrated some mad plumber skills today by single-handedly installing our new water heater!! (hence the crack reference:) We decided to get a new water heater a few months ago because the one we had was old as dirt and we thought it was making our utility bill ridiculously high. Seriously. I should not be paying the equivalent to half of my mortgage payment for electricity! We first thought that we would upgrade our water heater to a taller, bigger one but it turned out to be a total rip-off and headache. The plumber from Lowes wanted to charge us over $800 to install a $200 water heater just because he had to extend some pipes! That was not happening. So we returned the water heater and got a new replacement water heater that is the exact same size as our old one. Anthony hooked it up easily and on the first try! Now, if any of you know Anthony and his track record with handyman projects you can attest to the fact that NOTHING ever goes smoothly for him, so this was a true feat. Hopefully now those huge electric bills will be a thing of the past because as of right now, all of our appliances including our A/C are less than 5 years old.

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Happy said...

That was really funny, Jared and I got a good kick out of that! Tell Ant congrats, we knew he could do it!
And I'm glad you're feeling better!