Saturday, November 18, 2017

Halloween Activities and Visiting the Fair

Since we have season passes, we decided to go to Boo at the Zoo. Now that Anthony has Saturdays off of work, he got to go with us and see the animals too. Rett's hair was so wild I asked him to let me put a headband in it. He liked it for a little while, but then he took it off.

Feeding the giraffes:

That night was our ward's trunk and treat. It was more laid back than it has been in previous years so we didn't have the hay ride and bouncy house that the boys have come to expect. Thankfully they still had the candy cannon that shoots candy in the air! James was ready to get some, but Rett was afraid of the noise so he put his basket over his head.

Then it was time for trunk or treating! I underestimated how many kids were going to be there and bought two boxes of fruit snacks to hand out at our trunk. They were gone in a flash! Thankfully everyone else still had tons of candy. I went around with Rett, but James ran off to go around the trunks with friends. I can't believe we are getting to that age already!!

Rett was a little scared of their decorations. Look at his face!!

One car had these cups for the kids to punch to get their candy. What a fun idea! I might need to steal that one for next year.

Our city has trick or treating on the actual day of Halloween, regardless of which day of the week it falls on so on the Tuesday of the real Halloween after I picked James up from school I took the boys to New Smyrna for the downtown trick or treating at the businesses. They were ready to fill their buckets!

One of the local police officers that was working the street let the kids dressed up as police officers sit on his motorcycle. It was heaven for James!!

We finished downtown around 5pm and as we were driving home I was telling the boys that we would eat dinner and then get ready for trick or treating around the neighborhood. From the backseat of the car they yelled, "Candy for dinner!!" :)

Anthony went with us this time for neighborhood trick or treating. He wore his work costume as Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I thought he did such a good job on it! We went up one street and down the other and the boys got so much candy their buckets were overflowing and they were too heavy for them to carry!! I think because there weren't very many kids on the street, every door just dumped handfuls into their buckets to get rid of it.

Then we got back in the car to drive down to the spooky street on our neighborhood. It was wild how busy that street was!! We had barely seen anyone all night, but when we got to this street you could barely walk there were so many people and cars. The decorations were too scary for Rett, so I stayed with him while Anthony and James checked them out.

Once we got home we had to evaluate the haul. They each got 5 pounds of candy! Now it is all in a bag in the pantry and they have forgotten all about it and I keep eating it. Not a good system! :)

A few days after Halloween, the fair came to town. The first day is always free admission day, so that is the day to go!

Checking out the tractors:

We spent a lot of time in the 4H judging area seeing all the different kinds of chickens, turkeys, and rabbits that kids entered into the fair. After looking at all of the chickens, I kept thinking that ours were prettier than the ones there so I think we are going to try to have James enter a chicken in the competition next year. How fun would that be?

After the boys put up with us looking around at everything, they were ready for the rides! They wanted to ride everything a million times, especially this race car ride. Rett could have ridden this one nonstop the entire time and been completely happy. This is him giving us a thumbs up (he just puts his first finger up)

Bumper boats:

James ran into his very best friend from school, Harmony. He loves that girl so much! He talks about her all the time. When we were talking to her family, we said that our son was James and they went, "Oh!! That is James? We hear about James ALL the time!" They were so happy to get to ride the rides together. Look at her face!! So adorable.

While the bigger kids rode a ride that Rett was too short for, Rett decided to play "dead" while Anthony was holding him. Such a goofball!

End of October

My brother sent us a funny video of him asking his google home silly questions. So we decided to get Anthony's phone to tell us jokes before bed. James was loving it!

James' hair was getting really long and shaggy around the ears, so I finally got him to let me trim it. He hasn't wanted me near his hair since the buzz cut I gave him over the summer!

One afternoon after karate we took the boys to a restaurant that was having free kids meals, face painting, and balloon animals. The guy doing the balloons did the most intricate creations I have ever seen! Rett got a rocket hat that was almost as tall as the doorway and James got a motorcycle.

I chaperoned James' class field trip to a pumpkin patch. I thought it was strange that they didn't really do anything at the field trip, just get there look at pumpkins, eat lunch and go home. Nothing educational! But the kids had fun. They all loved getting to ride the school bus there and back, it was everyone's favorite part! Each kid got to pick out a tiny pumpkin to take home. James tried to get the tiniest one he could find. Other kids heard he was looking for the tiniest and would come running up to him to show him one they found. It was so cute!

The kids got to go around and sit on a few tractors and pretend to drive them.

The highlight was a windmill powered water pump that would push water down this chute back into the pond. The kids loved watching the windmill and waiting for the water to come out! Everyone wanted to wash their pumpkins in the water.

Anthony had a weekend conference in Orlando, so my mom came and watched the boys so I could go with him. I love it when I get to go with him because I can just lay around all day in the hotel, no cooking, no cleaning and getting to eat out at restaurants. Vacations with kids aren't really vacations so these mini vacations are heaven!

My mom was brave and took the boys to the city fall festival. They had the best time and got tons of candy and treats!

They even got to ride the ponies!

We told James he couldn't wear his bumblebee mask that came with his costume because it was just soooooooo creepy, so since we were gone he took the opportunity to wear it whenever he could.

They had a petting zoo area with lots of cute animals. The boys were excited to pet a chicken that looks just like one of ours at home! The type of chicken is a silver laced Wyandotte, so ours is named Lacey.

After four karate classes, Rett still hadn't earned his white belt! They told the kids that they had to work really hard at sitting still and listening and following the rules without being reminded in order to get it. Rett was trying his best, but yeah. Not his strong suit :) A few times he would watch other kids get theirs and then come running to me crying and mad that he didn't get one. Finally it was his turn! Look at how happy it made him!

It got cold here for a few days, which made walking in the morning mile more bearable. Both of them really love to do it, but Rett gets upset that James is faster than him and won't wait for him. James get so focused on getting as many laps as he can, he hates stopping to wait. I told Rett he could walk with someone else but he didn't go for it. He insisted that he had to be with James!

Some friends of ours moved up closer to St. Augustine, so we decided to meet at this cool park in Ormond beach to hang out for a bit. I was sad that we went during the day and that James was in school because he would have loved this park! It was full of all kinds of wooden forts and maze like tunnels and high twisty slides. Sometime soon we want to go back together as a family, it was that fun!

Trying to get a picture of Rett on the seesaw, but the sun had other ideas :)

Loving the accessible swings, total relaxation and you don't have to hold on to anything!

James' school does a storybook parade to celebrate Halloween. The kids all pick a character from a book that they are going to dress up as and they walk around the school in their costumes holding their books. James wanted to do his same costume and book as last year, the police officer from "The Rain Came Down". I loved seeing all their adorable costumes!

Look at this handsome boy!

The 4th grade teachers that went as the fairies from sleeping beauty last year (amazing!) did another great job this year as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Their tin man was so cool!

The three first grade teachers went as the three blind mice. James' teacher Ms. Alois is the one on the far right.

The STEAM teacher had this amazing Mona Lisa costume! Everyone was asking her where she got it.

The PE coach and one of the cafeteria ladies as Mr. Incredible and Wonder Woman:

Another assortment of things I found in James' pockets: 

Since it was finally cool in the evening, we roasted marshmallows! I bought the mega marshmallows at the store and they didn't roast very well. But it was fun trying!

Now that Anthony has every Saturday off, he is determined to do some more fishing. This time he brought James with him and they caught quite a few. James even caught his first trout! The big fish that James is holding in the last picture is the redfish Anthony caught. We got to eat it that night, so good!