Tuesday, June 3, 2008


About a month ago, Anthony and I went scrub shopping because both of us hadn't purchased scrubs in a long time and the ones we had were starting to look scraggily. Not to mention, when I first bought all of mine I accidentally got petite sized pants, so it looked like I was wearing high waters all of the time. Not very comfortable. We put off buying new ones for so long because they are so darn expensive! Anyway, I had the best time trying on different scrubs, even a Grey's Anatomy brand that was soooo comfortable. Unfortunately, Anthony felt a little let down because of the minimal selection of scrubs for guys. If you want something more exciting than oatmeal-colored hospital scrubs, the only prints available for guys are some racing ones and, surprisingly, wine bottles. He felt pretty frustrated, so a few weeks later I thought I would surprise him and ordered a scrub top for him online of reef fish. He loves it!! What a good wife I am! (I know, and modest too :)

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