Friday, June 20, 2008

Ichetucknee Springs

Ant and I decided to go to Ichetucknee Springs today and snorkel around with our new underwater digital camera! (That brings our total to 3 different digital cameras: our nice one, our boat one, and our underwater one) And yes, Ant took that GORGEOUS picture of the springs with it today. It was freezing!!!!!! I thought that it would be so hot outside that it would feel good, but after about an hour in the water my lips were purple and I just wanted out. Still, it was really fun to snorkel around and see the fish. Some of the pictures didn't turn out because it was really murky and the camera doesn't handle motion very well.

Me posing and waiting for the tram to take us to the drop-off point to the river and some cool underwater pictures of me snorkeling
Some cool underwater fish pictures.

Ant barely took his snorkel off the entire time, even though I gave up after about 45minutes. It was just too cloudy and it all kind of looked the same to me :)

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Phambabe said...

Haley still talks about going to Ichetucknee, that was one of her favorite things when we visited! It's always too cold lol, even when it's blisteringly hot! How cool, an underwater digital camera! I need one of those to take to the pool!