Friday, June 27, 2008

The new (temporary?) aquarium

Anthony recently got a new aquarium! I know you are all thinking, "Why???!!!" Honestly, I thought the same thing, but Anthony really wanted it and he got an awesome deal on it. A friend of his from work wanted to get rid of her set up, so she sold the entire thing, fish and all, to Anthony for $100 as long as he came and got it. He has been excited for weeks, thinking that it was a 64 gallon tank with all of the accessories. The plan was to replace his 55 gallon and sell the old one on craigslist. Of course, things aren't really going according to plan. Go figure.

First off, the tank is EXACTLY the same size as the old one, which is definitely a bummer. Also, instead of a direct switch Anthony likes parts of his old setup better so he decided to mix and match different equipment from both. One of the major disappointments is that when we picked up the tank it was incredibly dirty so we couldn't know how clear the acrylic it is made of is. Now that it is clean, the tank is still sort of cloudy and it might just be because of what the tank is made out of. So, now Anthony is going to wait for a few months and if he still doesn't like it he is going to switch everything BACK!! I am exhausted just thinking about it. For the past three days and the majority of my summer break Anthony has been preoccupied and my house has looked like this:
Finally today we got mostly everything cleaned up and I feel much better already:
All in all, we still got a good deal on the aquarium even if we don't decide to keep it. We could definitely sell it for more than what we bought it for and the live rock and fish that came with it are worth the money by themselves. It just bites that Ant put so much effort into something that might end up being a big disappointment. Here are some preliminary pictures of the tank:
One really cool thing about the new aquarium is that it came with a breeding pair of clown fish, something Ant has always wanted!

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Phambabe said...

Yeah, I understand how piles of things gets a little frustrating hehe. That's cool that he got the clown fish pair! Anthony has aquariums, Tim has guitars. We all have our crosses to bear hehe.