Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Months

Our little guy is 5 months old today!! For some reason 5 months sounds soooo much older than 4 months to me. We can't believe how fast the time is flying, but at the same time it feels like we have had him for forever. Funny how that is! He has really started to be a fun baby. He is fascinated by everything around him and it is so fun to watch him discover the world. Our favorite is his trade mark open mouth look of wonder that he gets when something catches his attention. You can just see him thinking, "Wow!". Just the other day I told Anthony that the way he is now is how I always imagined having a baby to be, not that newborn nonsense :) He hardly ever cries in his car seat now unless he is really tired and cranky because he is so distracted looking out the window at all of the cool stuff!

I'm really sad that the weather has been so bad/hot/rainy for the past few weeks because we haven't been able to take our daily walks for awhile. He used to just sleep through them, but I know that now he would be in awe of the great outdoors. This past month he has started consistently sleeping through the night (!) which is wonderful but a small part of me sort of misses our night time cuddles. I just try to make sure I get extra ones before I put him to bed now. We've also started shaping up our bedtime routine since he is so consistent about his bed time now. He gets a bath around 7PM, then PJ's, a bottle, scripture stories, family prayer, then bed by 7:45 or 8. Then he sleeps until about 7am!!!! Sometimes he wakes up later in the evening and starts crying and we just go in his room, pat his back, put his pacifier back in and quickly leave and he usually goes right back to sleep. I always think that once he goes to bed I will have so much time to myself, but bedtime comes pretty quickly when you spend most of your free time pumping!

Things he loves at 5 months: seeing new people or things, being tossed in the air (he does huge belly laughs when you do this), his jumperoo, being on the floor and practicing his new rolling skills, having both hands in his mouth at the same time (if he could, he would drink his bottle and have both hands in his mouth at the same time), taking a bath, being held, having us play with him, being carried in a sling, looking at the aquarium, sitting in our laps, raspberry noises, being tickled, and eskimo kisses

Things he hates at 5 months: being alone, putting his clothes on after a bath, being in his car seat when he is cranky, and loud and sudden noises

Here are his 5 month pictures, including his comparison picture. Man this kid is growing!!

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Happy said...

My word, he is so dang cute!!! I am so glad he is settling into his happy phase and you are getting to experience how much fun it is to have a baby!! I know I told you that Teya took a turn for the better at 3 months, but 5 months was another turning point and from there on out I classified her as an "easy" baby. Until she hit about 18 months that is and the crying began, but since you've got a boy, you probably are just good to go from here on out (until the hitting and throwing stage begins that is- haha!)!! He is such a cutie- can't wait to see him again!