Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pouch #2

Here is my second try. It went much faster this time and I got a better handle on the zipper on this one. I also tried using some interfacing like the tutorial calls for and I really like the results. It makes it cushier, so it feels much nicer than two thin pieces of fabric. I am having so much fun making these! I need to visit the local sewing store in town to see if they have zippers in more fun colors. The zipper selection at our local wal-mart is woefully devoid of neon colors :) I am trying out different zipper colors and I like how the brown zipper on this one fades in instead of standing out like the white zipper on my first one.

Next I am going to try a cream, more understaded pattern of fabric with a red hot zipper! Seriously, if you want one of these, let me know your favorite colors/styles and I will go for it!

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