Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make your own Clorox wipes

A few weeks ago I decided to make my own cleaning wipes and it was super easy! I've never bought Clorox wipes or things like that for cleaning because of the cost, but I have always thought of how nice and convenient it would be to use them. Normally I would just use a paper towel and some spray cleaner, but we would go through paper towels so quickly and I hate shelling out $6 for a pack of paper towels every time I buy them! (There usually aren't any good coupon deals for paper towels :)

I used the tutorial on this website to make my own and I have been loving it! All I did was buy a package of reusable wipes from the grocery store for about $1.50, cut them to fit in an old baby wipes container when folded in half, folded them so that when you pulled one out, the other comes up (had to look that up on the Internet too), poured in some water and cleaner to wet the wipes, and presto! Instant cleaning wipes! When I am done with one I just toss it in the washer and it gets washed the next time I do a load of laundry. This works well for me since my washer is right next to the kitchen, but you could also use a tiny bin under your kitchen sink or some other place out of the way.

I keep them on the kitchen counter next to the stove and let me tell you, cleaning has never been so easy!


Happy said...

Ahh! I love it!! I feel the same way about buying them- they are SO expensive but SO handy, so every once in a blue moon I'll splurge! But this makes so much more sense! Thanks for the idea! Okay, home-made clorox wipes and Swagbucks. When I settle in in Utah, I'm totally on it.

Lindsey said...

This is awesome and I am SO going to do this! I never buy paper towels or clorox wipes for all the same reasons, I just use rags and cleaning spray. This is going to revolutionize my kitchen:)Thanks for sharing!