Monday, January 3, 2011

Lagana Christmas 2010

This Christmas was filled with family time for me and Anthony. On December 23rd we drove to Anthony's sister's house in Port St. Lucie to have our Christmas with the Lagana side of the family. It was such a blast!!! We had so much fun watching our nieces and nephews open their presents. All of the adults tried to make each present seem like the most exciting thing in the world and I had to laugh when I noticed that my brother in law didn't even wait to see what it was, but would immediately make a big deal about whatever was being opened. He would exclaim: "OH MY GOODNESS, THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!" or something along those lines.

We ate a lot of good food and then my sister-in-law, Happy, was generous enough to do a maternity photo shoot with us. She did such an awesome job!!! I totally love the pictures she took of us and I am amazed at how much work she put into editing and getting us the pictures so quickly. Thank you so much Happy, you are the best! Here are my favorites:

I can't get over my belly in this picture. It just looks so big!

I kept saying how I didn't personally care for the maternity pictures where the couple is looking very seriously at the belly, but I liked how this one turned out since we were smiling :)

I loved how this picture turned out, but it was extremely uncomfortable down on the ground like that! Plus I kept trying to make sure that my belly was pushed out since it would kind of disappear when I laid down.

I thought that this photo would end up as a goofy outtake when we took it, but I actually really like it.

I love, love, love this photo!!!

Anthony swears that he has gained a noticeable amount of weight since I've been pregnant. I keep telling him that until he gains as much as I have, then he hasn't gained enough!

Every time someone has asked us about what name we have picked out for the baby the answer has been that we are pretty sure it will be James, after my dad. Now that we have taken this photo (and another similar photo to be displayed in my next post) I think we can finally say that we have decided on James for sure!

This is picture is so sweet and artistic to me. I can't believe it is of us and not a photo in a pregnancy magazine.

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Happy said...

It was so fun having you guys!! I'm glad you liked the pictures! It was such a relaxing photo shoot for me. I get so stressed out and frazzled when I'm trying to do pictures for a family who is paying me, but this was so non-stressful. Thanks for letting me do it!