Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can you tell we are tired?

When things settled down from moving and Anthony's graduation, Anthony and I realized that we still needed to get Christmas gifts for each other. At first, we both couldn't think of anything that we wanted (aside from time off and and some sleep). We ( read: Anthony) has a bad track record with picking out gifts, so things usually aren't a surprise when we get gifts for each other. This year, Anthony let me know that he planned a surprise for me and that it was going to be good!! He meant to give it to me himself on Christmas Eve, but it actually came in the mail today and it looked like junk mail, so I opened it to make sure before I threw it away (!) Oops.

What did he get me? A gift certificate for an hour long massage in my home from a massage therapist that specializes in pregnancy massages!!!!!

What did I get him? A Homemedics Shiatsu massaging cushion with adjustable rollers and optional heat:

Can you tell that we are a little tuckered out?

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Happy said...

A maternity massage?! Oh, you lucky girl!! And that is SO funny that you both bought each other massages/ers. Love it!