Monday, January 31, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: 36 Weeks

Here is what I look like this week:
Just kidding :) This is only what I feel like. Here is my real picture:

Regular, every day life is getting pretty difficult. And uncomfortable. It is just so hard to do things any more! Just getting dressed takes so much effort and planning and I am usually out of breath by the time I am done. All I really want to do is stay in bed and eat all the time, but even that gets uncomfortable after awhile. I told Anthony that I really need to get something to distract me for these last few weeks, because it is not going to be pleasant if all I can think about everyday is how uncomfortable I am!
This past weekend was pretty eventful. I had some significant physical signs of my cervix dialating (I won't go into details, but take my word for it) and I had an entire day of regular braxton hicks contractions. I was pretty sure that they weren't real contractions because of where I felt them and because they stayed pretty regular and didn't increase in time or intensity. Still, having contractions every 10 or 15 minutes from 10AM to 11PM is nothing if not a wake up call! Number one, ouch! Number two, I'm not ready yet! We aren't packed for the hospital, things aren't tied up at work, etc... And of course, Anthony hasn't taken boards yet. He is scheduled to take his exam next Tuesday, so the baby just has to stay in until then. I don't think Anthony can handle the stress of making sure he passes this exam AND a newborn. Come to think of it, I don't think I can handle that either, so we are crossing our fingers, toes, and legs hoping that he he stays put for just a little bit longer :)


Happy said...

Oh my word! Crazy about all of the contractions!!! Glad they stopped!! We will keep you guys in our prayers that little James will stay put for a little longer! I had contractions like that when I was pregnant with Teya one day and stayed home from work, but that was only about 2 days before my due date. Keep us updated!!!

T. Driaza said...

I know you may feel like a whale, but you sure don't look like it. You are sooo cute with that belly! Linda called me Saturday cause of her contractions. She didn't have bags ready or anything you're not alone! ;) Hope your lil' one stays in long enough for Ant's exam! It's getting soooo close! Hang in there!