Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nursery Update

Now that we have settled into our new apartment and I have had my baby shower, the nursery is finally starting to take shape! I feel like we have so much stuff already, and everyone has been so generous with giving us things that I still can't believe that I am finding more things to shop for :) Somehow, I keep thinking of things to get, although luckily the list is pretty small.

Here are some pictures of how things are looking:
I got this crib at a garage sale for $30!! It is a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed and then becomes the headboard for a twin sized bed. I looked it up after I bought it and found out that it had a recall on it (which happens ALL the time to baby stuff), so I sent in a form to the manufacturer and free of charge they sent us replacements for three of the four sides of the crib and a kit to make the drop side stationary. So, the majority of the crib is brand new now! The bedding set I received as a shower gift and I bought the mobile from a consignment store for $10.
I have a bookshelf on each side of the crib and this happens to be the main one where I have been storing smaller items. As you can see the entire bottom half is devoted to my diaper and wipe stash. I started finding free/cheap deals with my coupons early on in my pregnancy and I feel confident that I am set for diapers at least for a little while. I also have two large moving boxes in the closet full of more wipes because I figured I will always be able to use those regardless of size (unlike diapers). I've decided to use the other bookshelf as a makeshift dresser and keep different categories of clothing in cute baskets (a basket for onesies, a basket for socks, etc...) I'm going to keep all the clothes of his current size in the baskets and the rest of the clothes in a storage bin under the crib.
I am actually really proud of this changing table. I took a piece of furniture that we already had, took off the top part of it and secured a thick changing table pad with high sides to the top (that I got for $2 at a garage sale). I am going to use the top drawer for all of my diaper essentials so they are close at hand and I used a crib sheet folded in half as a makeshift cover for the changing pad.
This is another fun garage sale find. I've heard from multiple people that their baby absolutely loved their bouncer and I got this perfect rainforest/monkey one for $20. (It costs $60 new)
This is the walk in closet in the nursery where we have been stashing all of the larger things. The majority of everything in here has been given to us. See what I mean? People are awesome!!! I still can't believe how generous our friends, family, and even some acquaintances have been.
Since this room will be doubling as our guest bedroom, I really wanted a futon that someone would actually want to sleep on. Luckily I found this one on craigslist. (What can't you find on craigslist? :) It has an extra thick mattress and is pretty comfortable. I made the green blanket that is on the back and I bought the mattress cover from walmart. As you can see, I've been using it as a staging area for all of the baby clothes (separated by size) which are all washed and ready for wear.

So there you go! There is still some more decorating (read nesting) that I plan on doing in there, but it is all coming together.


Happy said...

Oooh, the bedding is SO CUTE!! Isn't it so fun to get all of that stuff organized?! I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Rachel G said...

Wow you guys have a lot of stuff already! I love that animal blanket, so cute. I'm really excited for you :)