Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: 32 Weeks

Now that the holidays are over, the new year has started, and I am back to work, I am starting to panic a little about how quickly my due date is approaching. Where did the time go? Last night I was grouching around the house, thinking about how unprepared I feel. How am I going to know what to do when labor starts? What is going to happen? Will everything go smoothly? Why do so many books say completely different things about childbirth? (Seriously, I actually read in a book last night that childbirth is painless if you do it "right". Talk about pressure!) I keep telling myself that I need to relax and just be excited about becoming a parent, and it works for half a minute and then I am back to worrying.

Anthony gingerly tries to remind me that it is in my perfectionist nature to worry and stress about doing things "right" and that I am completely uncomfortable with new things unless I know everything there is to know first so that I don't make mistakes. Which, I know, is something I am going to need to learn to let go of as a parent. Like for real. I think I need to focus on praying a little more and planning a little less (I plan obsessively when I am stressed) and I know I will feel better :)

I had my 32 week doctor's appointment today. It was my first appointment that Anthony was unable to come to :( Everything still looks good, I am measuring exactly on target, weight is good, heartbeat is good (and cute!), blood pressure is good and I don't have any unusual complaints. They took 4 big tubes of blood from me today and I am SO proud of myself for what a trooper I was! I got a little sweaty since it took so long, but  I didn't pass out and I didn't stress about it the entire night before since I knew they were going to stick me. I guess you really can get used to anything.

If you couldn't tell from the maternity pictures, my belly has arrived and it is here to stay!! I was laughing with Anthony the other day because it seemed like overnight people completely stopped saying things like "Wow, you're how far along? You look so small" and I've started getting "You are due any day now right?". I've also finally started having strangers ask me about the baby or mention it to me before I say anything. I'm officially out of the "Is she?" stage!

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