Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: 34 Weeks

Time is just moving right along! I can't believe that I only have 6 weeks left until my due date!!! I was talking to my mom on the phone today and I was telling her that I actually am starting to feel really good about about labor and delivery. I don't feel that bad or uncomfortable yet, I know that my complaints are relatively small but more than anything I think I am just ready to not be pregnant any more. Like I told my mom, "I'm done being pregnant now, I'm ready to move on to being a mom".

We started our birthing class last week and it was interesting. We got to see two videos of a birth, which were informative but not too surprising since I've seen a few in the other birthing videos I've watched over the past few months. We started watching one of them right at the beginning of the class and since Anthony was a little bit late, he walked in and sat down right as the baby was crowning! You should have seen how wide his eyes got!! After the video we went around the room introducing ourselves and when Anthony introduced himself he said, "I'm Anthony, the husband. It's my fault we're here *insert big Lagana grin*" Could that man be any more excited/proud about becoming a dad? :) One of the funnier things about this birthing class is that we spent a good 30 minutes talking about nutrition and what was good for you to eat and what foods you were supposed to stay away from in pregnancy. Ummm, almost all of the moms in the class are only a month away from their due date. Isn't it a little late by now? Just saying.

This past week we also got released from our calling as cub scout den leaders (although we are still co-teaching a primary class). I had mixed feelings at first. On the one hand, we really had a lot of fun with the boys and it felt like we finally were in a "groove" with what we needed to do every week and with all of the meetings we needed to go to so it was kind of sad to leave that behind. On the other hand, it was getting pretty hard for me to help control six energetic boys for any period of time or to spend time after work planning activities, so it put a lot of responsibility on Anthony. We are planning on still making some "guest appearances" at meetings and events just to see how everyone is doing :)

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Phambabe said...

HOW ARE YOU 34 WEEKS ALREADY?! It seemed like it was going to be forever until you had the baby, now it feels like next week! I am so excited!! I remember the "done" feeling so well, those last few weeks are the hardest, but hang in there! You have to have him right on your due date so I can get my max Aunt time in!!