Monday, January 3, 2011

Parkes/Fillon Christmas 2010

On Christmas day, Anthony & I left from the Tampa airport to meet up with my side of the family at my sister's house in Ohio. The snow was so beautiful, but it was so cold!!! I tried to leave some room in my suitcase so that I could do some shopping while I was up there, but Anthony kept seeing I had space and would fill it up with more sweaters and warm clothing. That man does not like to be cold!

We had such a fun and relaxing time, visiting and enjoying the holiday. We laughed so much and of course, there was lots of good food courtesy of my sister. She knows her way around the kitchen, that is for sure! I opted for the more leisurely itinerary while we were there: I mostly rested, read my book, watched television, or went shopping. Anthony wanted a little more excitment so he ended up playing in the snow, visiting a cool frozen lake, and even went to a hockey game where he saw several fights break out. Very manly. 

On our last day there, my sister, who happens to be a professional photographer, was awesome enough to take some more maternity pictures for us! This kid is already getting ridiculously spoiled and he hasn't even come out yet :) I had so much fun looking over different posing options with my sister and getting to watch her start to edit the pictures. She is so talented, and I am so lucky to have a big sister like her!!
See? With such a cute picture like this, how can we not call him James?
My sister had the idea of taking this shot with Anthony "peeking" around my belly. I love his expressions in our photos, they are always so genuine!

It is still a little surprising to me to see how much my body has changed in the past 8 months. It truly is amazing.

Anthony trying to listen to the baby :)

Aren't those the cutest little shoes you've ever seen?

I love this photo with the bow. I never would have thought to use a brown ribbon, but the color turned out perfect!!

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T. Driaza said...

All the photos are amazing! I wish I had some good belly shots like this, but I had my kids in the oldie days! ;) Adorable. Can't wait to see this lil' guy. You're just so naturally beautiful with a belly. Love them!