Friday, July 11, 2008

Underwater Camera

Today we got to play with our friends Laura and Tim's kids at the pool while they went to take their truck to get fixed. We thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun with our underwater camera and we got some awesome shots!
Anthony shooting a water gun at me. How mature!
I thought this one was cute because it shows all of the kids with their noodles :)
Anthony coming up from a dive
I was impressed with how fearless Cami and Zeke were about putting their face under the water. That is something I haven't even mastered yet!
We were curious to see what face Cami was making under the water and this was it! We have at least four more pictures of her making this exact face. After we showed this picture to Laura, Laura asked her, "Cami, do you close your mouth when you go under water?". Cami replied with a quiet, "nooo".
This is Zeke right after an impressive cannonball. And yes, he does have a mohawk.
Cami and her dad, Tim. Too cute!!
Cami after being thrown into the air.
Zeke had to be thrown too, of course!

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Phambabe said...

Those pictures are great! I totally need an underwater camera now lol!