Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Day in the Life: my first attempt

7:34 AM- The day starts nice and early...
8:20 AM- After a long it's-time-to-wake-up shower, I have a quick breakfast of yogurt while I check my email. My favorite internet clothing store is having a sale! Score!!!
8:35 AM- I make sure to mail Anthony's intent to enroll letter for USF as I leave for school.
9:15 AM-I'm the first one to class. It is going to be a long day...
This is the podium where I will spend the next 2 hours explaining the many facets of personality disorders:
1:45 PM- After class I spot a friendly gator in a drainage ditch near the parking garage enjoying the sun.
2:20 PM- Time for a yummy lunch
Um, where's mine?
3:30 PM- Now I get to lay back, relax, and enjoy reading a non-school related book
3:45 PM- I can't keep my eyes open anymore, so I'll just rest them for a few minutes... or hours...
7:00 PM- I go by myself to Institute because Anthony is still out fishing. The story of my life!
8:45 PM- Anthony meets me for what is becoming a tradition: dinner out after Institute.
10:05 PM- Today is an off-gym day, so I decide to kick some dance dance revolution rear end.
The camera man gets a little distracted...
11:15 PM- Some strength training with my new, increased weight amount. It's all about the muscle, baby!
11:56 PM- Good night!!


Rachel G said...

I loved this! Haha and I love the "camera man gets distracted" part.....typical!

Phambabe said...

Hehe, very cool! I have about 100 pictures to edit when we get back home (we're still in Columbus right now). I missed about three hours at some point and kept forgetting to take pictures! Oh well!