Monday, July 21, 2008

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!!!

So, my response to how crazy prices are getting (including gas prices, don't even get me started) is to become one of those crazy coupon ladies that you HATE to get behind in line at the grocery store. :) I've tried doing the coupon thing before and I never really got into it. I hated having to keep track of what coupon to use at what store and to be honest, I felt a little embarrassed using them. It felt like I was begging the store to give me a break. Now I have no shame!! A girl needs to pay her utility bill! (which is still $300+, by the way) What got me back into it was a blog that a friend from work recommended:

It is a blog of a friend of hers and it keeps track of deals at Publix with corresponding coupons, with links to get the coupons or where to find them. The cool thing about it is that Publix accepts all supermarket competitor coupons, so you don't have to travel around to different grocery stores trying to get their deals. The woman who writes the blog also tries to point out deals for organic/gluten free foods so that families on a budget can still eat organic. My friend from work likes this especially because she buys gluten-free for her son who is autistic, and I know of a lot of people who would like to try going organic, but it just so darn expensive!

So, my plan of attack: Last Friday I looked at the Publix weekly ad online and made my grocery list of things we absolutely needed and things we could use that were on sale. I got most of my coupons off of her blog, and then I googled each individual item I didn't have a coupon for to see if I could get even more coupons. I found a few more that way, and then I paper-clipped my coupons to my grocery list. I went to the grocery store today and it was so much fun!!

Here is the deal I am most proud of from today:
What I bought- 2 boxes of Kashi cereal, 1 carton of Silk Soymilk
What it usually costs- $10.47 ($3.59 per box of cereal, $3.29 for Silk)
Coupons/Deals I used-
*Publix deal: 2 boxes of Kashi for $4.99
*In store coupon: Buy 2 boxes of Kashi, get 1 carton Silk free
*Manufacturer's Coupon: $2 off any Kashi product
What I ended up paying- $3.00

Total I saved $33 today at the grocery store. Am I the bomb or what? My goal is to save $50 in one trip. Just as a side note for those of you who want to do it, Publix only accepts coupons of supermarkets that are in town. For example, if you want to use a target coupon, there has to be a Target Superstore in town that has a full grocery section.


Rachel G said...

Wow that is AWESOME! I've never been into coupons either but grocery costs are getting out of hand! Maybe I'll try it next time I go shopping. Oh and I get the Michael J. thing a lot, and also Charlie Sheen (I think that's his name....) Funny!

Happy said...

Great ideas, thanks! Also, not sure if you've ever looked or not, but you can go onto the local grocery stores' websites and see what deals they have going on each week. I think they have coupons on there too. I used to check them out weekly but haven't done that in a while, but you have re-inspired me!

Phambabe said...

Did Mom tell you I am a crazy coupon lady too??? I dragged her with me to CVS while she was here to witness me getting $64 worth of stuff for $9. Then yesterday I had to get diapers and managed to get 2 packs of diapers, a thing of diaper rash cream, and two packs of this expensive gum... for $2. I love it! I have coupon mania. Tim thought I was nuts, but now every time I go shopping he asks me how much I saved.