Monday, July 28, 2008

Coupon Underground

My coupon madness has reached new heights and I've been told that it is a little crazy! Oh well, I don't care. Some people have real expensive hobbies, (like saltwater aquariums, for example :) and I figure that this is fun for me and could be considered a hobby and helps my family save money in the process. What's not to love? My sister had a great way of putting it, she said that it combines a lot of her loves: saving money, ocd, making lists, organizing things, etc.. and that is definitely true for me.

Today I went to a few stores and got some things. It was fun, but it wasn't as fun as recently just because I encountered more than a few cashiers who didn't try to hide their annoyance at my coupon usage! A girl at work made a great point: if you are a cashier at wal-mart(which I am pretty sure pays minimum wage), shouldn't you be appreciative of someone trying to save money or live on a lower income? I'm just saying.

Here's what I bought today. We didn't really need anything, so I just went for the good sales. Some of the stuff is kind of random (like the glucometer) but the random stuff I got for free, so I figured why not? If not us, then someone we know might need it one day.

What did I pay for all of this? $22.44. Yes, I rock.

I've discovered an entire underground coupon world. There are sooo many blogs and forums that not only point out all of the sales with corresponding coupons for each week of a certain store, but members make comments and add tips on where to find even more sales or coupons. Crazy, huh?

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Phambabe said...

Awesome deal! Yeah, I was totally amazed at all the resources out there and people who are even crazier than I (we!) are with their coupons. I don't know why cashiers get irritated, the store gets paid regardless of whether its cash or coupons! And they get paid more with the coupons because most of the coupons state on them that they will pay the store the face value plus 8 cents or whatever. It's not like it's coming out of their pockets! Oh well, it's their issue. All the cashiers at CVS know me by now hehe, they know I am going to have a handful of coupons! Fortunately, everyone's been really nice about it. I will have to start taking pictures of my scores as well, it's too much fun!