Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shop Victoriously!

Today I had another shopping victory! I can't believe how many deals I've gotten in such a short time of starting to "shop strategically". I originally planned to go to Albertson's for chicken because they have the best prices, even if you have to clean them up more before you cook with them. Of course, I planned ahead and found these deals that were too good to pass up. Here's the take:

12 pounds of chicken breasts
What it usually costs: $35.88 ($2.99/lb)
What I paid: $23.76 (on sale for $1.98/lb)

8 boxes of General Mills cereal
What it usually costs: $23.92 ($2.99 each)
What I paid: $8.85 (on sale 4/$6, plus $3.15 in manufacturer's coupons)

5 4-packs of Scott's Soft Toilet Paper
What it usually costs: $9.95 ($1.99 each)
What I paid: $0 (on sale $1 each, plus $1 manufacturer's coupon for each one)

So that brings today's savings to $37.14!!


Rachel G said...

okay tell me all the places you are getting the coupons! i need to get into this!

Phambabe said...

You will get hooked! Hehehe, it is addictive, especially when you get things for "free", that is my FAVORITE part of using coupons. About CVS: they have products each week that you get ExtraCare Bucks for when you buy, which is money that you can spend on anything in CVS. Combining coupons with the ECB deals, you can get things for free or very low cost, and the trick is to roll your bucks over into other deals that generate more bucks, so you end up not paying anything for what you buy.

So far (I've only been doing it for about a month and a half), I've saved over $180 and gotten things like toothpaste, mascara, diapers, Febreeze products, gum, paper towels, all for free or for very little. I think I've spent maybe $50 in total and gotten like $200 worth of stuff for free. The really great deals are when they have a Buy One, Get One Free sale, and you have coupons for Buy1, Get1 from the manf. and they will let you use the coupons with the sale so you end getting it for free. Right now they have a deal on L'Oreal Vive shampoo that's Buy1 and lots of people are getting those for free.

I use and and people post the ads and say what deals are good for each week and that way I don't even have to do the hard work hehe, I can just go buy what is on sale! It's so much fun figuring out what you can get for free. I am TOTALLY hooked. My kids are already sick of me dragging them to CVS every week hehe.

Claudia said...

I defintely need to jump on board. I too have been feeling the increase of price on all of my usual buys.