Thursday, June 30, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Anthony had the Saturday before Father's Day off of work, so he went out to do some night fishing with a friend. He caught a big snook! It was too big to keep and they are out of season anyway, but he was really happy about it.

Sunday morning we were dreading going to church. Sundays are rough enough on us on a regular Sunday, but somehow on special days like Mother's day and Father's day they are extra hard to handle because of the irony of dealing with difficult children on a day when you are supposed to be celebrating being a parent. We even toyed with the idea of not going, but decided to do it anyway. I was so glad we did! Rett actually did great in nursery and didn't try to hit or bite anyone. And James stayed in primary the entire time without having to come get us. We reminded him to ask for a break when he needed one and he took a walk around the church with the primary secretary and then went back and did great. So proud of him!

James did this questionnaire in his primary class for Anthony and it was so funny!! When we read the part where Anthony's favorite sport was baseball, Anthony went, "Huh???" Baseball is probably his least favorite sport because of all the standing around :)

I stayed in nursery with Rett and the leaders helped all he kids make a tie necklace for their dads. Rett chose the decorations and I helped him write his name in the inside of the card.

After church I made homemade cupcakes while the boys watched funny animal videos on youtube. They just snuggled up on the couch and laughed and laughed! Rett started saying "Oh my!" whenever anything happens and he sounds like a little old lady. So funny!

Anthony's parents came over for dinner and afterwards we gave the dads cupcakes with candles on them. The boys were very willing to help blow them out.

Anthony's dad loves to give the boys hugs and tickles and usually they never let him. This time James actually let him do it and it was a great Father's day present!

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