Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tennessee Vacation: Lost Sea and Ruby Falls

Our first tourist attraction visit in Tennessee was to a large underground cave that leads to the largest underground lake, called the Lost Sea. The boys were really excited to be going to a cave. While you wait for your group to go into the cave, you sit on a bench in this bunker tunnel and watch the other groups huffing and puffing as they leave the tunnel. I think the entire round trip was a few miles!

The actual cave made me pretty nervous. It was more of a large cavern with walkways put into it. The railings were almost nonexistent and one little trip and the kids could tumble so far down. Anthony and I ended up taking turns carrying Rett the entire time because we just didn't trust him to walk carefully enough.

Looking over the edge of the walkway:

About halfway down we stopped in this large cavern and they turned out all the lights so that we could experience total darkness. It was spooky!

When you get to the bottom, you board a glass bottom boat for a ride on the lake. As you can see, it was really dark, so I'm not sure what we were supposed to see through the glass, but the idea was nice. They stock the lake with trout that get unnaturally fat because there are no predators, so they just eat and eat.

A couple of days later we made the hour drive to Ruby falls to meet up with Mimi and the cousins! James was really excited to visit another cave and ride the elevator down into the mountain. We had to wait for the next tour, so we sat in the chairs outside for awhile and then took a walk around.

Once it was finally our turn for a tour, we got to cave exploring! I was so happy that this cave was so much more enclosed than the other one. We didn't feel like we could fall off the path and Rett could actually walk in this one. Thank goodness! That kid has not gotten lighter :)

Checking out the cool rock formations:

We finally made it to the waterfall!

After the cave tour, we went up to the lookout tower to see the sights. It was so beautiful up there!

It was so fun to experience mountains and caves on this vacation, since they are so different from Florida!

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