Friday, July 1, 2016

End of June

After a fun play date at the park, we stopped and got happy meals. James likes to go inside because then he can get the little cups of ketchup. He has decided that he likes ketchup now! He has always been so particular about his food mixing with other food, so this is great progress for him.

We got a new toy sprinkler that uses water to shoot balls into the air. Since Rett doesn't like being in the water and James loves it, we have had to get creative with what water things we can play with at home (since that rules out the beach and the pool unless someone can come with me to watch Rett).

We decided to try out bowling with the boys as a practice run for a bowling elder's quorum activity coming up. We tried two different places and each one we went to said they were booked up for bowling leagues. Bummer! One of them was all the way in Daytona, so it was a good 45 minute drive home. Rett decided to randomly start making large raspberries in his hand while we were driving home. It was so loud, we all couldn't stop laughing!

I couldn't find Rett's swim shirt, so I put him in one of James' old soccer jersey's. I was trying to convince him to go play in the water in the backyard. He decided to hide behind my chair instead.

A week after our failed attempt to go bowling, we finally were successful! The elder's quorum reserved a few lanes for families who wanted to come bowl and James was so excited!! Rett was excited for the little arcade they had there, so we took turns chasing him around while James concentrated on bowling.

Our lane had some technical difficulties where it kept resetting over and over, so we had to wait for someone to come fix it.

We didn't have bumpers on our lane, but we still did pretty good! Rett just liked pushing the balls.

James even got the hang of throwing the ball without the roller. By the end he was pretty good!

After we finished our game, I let James do an arcade game since Rett did a bunch while he was bowling. He chose this hunting game and really got into it. 

Rett was ready to go home :)

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