Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tennessee Vacation: Fun with Family

While in Tennessee near so much farmland, I started searching online for local farms we could visit. I came across a website for a local dairy processing plant that offered tours only about 30 minutes away. It was really interesting!! You walk around the entire factory and watch them and the machines package milk, ice cream, etc.. At the end of the tour, you get a free large ice cream cone. Totally worth the cost of admission!

James milking the fake cow:

In order to go in you had to wear a hair net and if necessary, a beard net. It was awesome.

James got reeeeally comfortable on vacation :)

On the way back from Ruby falls, we got the boys some lunch and Rett fell asleep watching a movie, covered in chicken nugget crumbs. He partied hard!

The internet was spotty at the rental house and there wasn't any cable, so we figured out how to hook up our laptops to the tv and watched a lot of movies. We let James stay up late one night with everyone and watch Big Hero 6. He could not stop laughing! It was so much fun to be with everyone.

Of course we had to check out the Chattanooga aquarium! The boys loved the sting ray touch tank, although I wasn't a fan of the fact that it was outside and not in the air conditioning.


Rett loved the sharks in the big tank. Every time one would come around, he would say "Shark! Shark! Shark!" until someone acknowledged him.

James loved how big these spider crabs were. We catch the tiny ones all the time at the beach, so he recognized them right away. He kept saying, "They're HUGE!"

The rental house had a saltwater pool and James wanted to be in it basically all the time. It would take him awhile to actually put his body in, but he was always up for splashing everyone else.

We attempted to beat the Atlanta traffic by starting for home around 4am. We were so ready to get there! A few hours in when the sun started to rise, it was in Rett's eyes and he started crying. I gave him my sunglasses and he was good :)

It didn't bother James because he was zonked out! Probably the first time he slept in the car the entire trip. Where does he get all of his energy and where can I get some??

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