Friday, June 17, 2016

James Preschool Graduation

I can't believe we made it, but James had his last day of preschool! When I went to pick him up, I brought his gifts for his teachers. Both of them got notes and generous gift cards. These teachers seriously deserved every penny and more!

James and Ms. Jodi. She was the perfect teacher for him!

James and his assistant teacher, Ms. Demi:

We gave the director of the preschool the birdhouse painted to look like the school. She loved it! She recently moved into a new house and said it would be perfect in her backyard.

Later that night it was time for graduation! They put the tassels on the hats right when we got there and James could not leave it alone to save his life. He was constantly touching it and making it jiggle. Eventually they put it so that it would hang down the back :) He really didn't want to let go of elephant, so they said he could hold him as long as he didn't swing it around or try to hit anyone with it. He was true to his word and didn't do any of that!

Rett taking selfies while we wait for James' class:

Here they are walking in. James is at the very end of the line. The little boy at the front of the line started crying and stopped walking, so it held things up a little bit :)

James' spot was right next to a little built in bench so that he could sit when he got too tired. There was 40 minutes of singing songs, so it was a long time for him! Some of the time he walked over to the little railing and used elephant as a pillow and put his head down.

And then came time for him to go up and get his diploma and say what he wanted to be when he grew up. Mr. goofball had to come up with a silly answer! Such a stinker!

Walking out:

Trying to get a picture with one of his best friends, Ethan.

There were little gift bags on the table for each parent with a few pictures to keep.

Rett finishing up his cupcake on the ride home:

James was excited to open up his graduation present after we got home. Every thing he pulled out, he was so happy about! Man do I know what this kid likes :)

His reaction was the best when he got to the bottom of the bag and found the candy. Happy boy!

One of the presents inside the bag was a bunch of fireworks, so we had to go set them off in the back yard. You're welcome neighbors!

Happy graduation James! We are so excited for summer!

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Happy said...

Holy cow, I can't believe James is already headed to Kindergarten!!!! Time sure flies!! I can't believe they sang songs for 40 minutes at a preschool graduation- how'd the kids make it through?? He's such a cute boy!