Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bike Ride and Astorga Family Visit

One beautiful evening we took the boys to the bridge trail to walk and ride bikes. Rett and James had to bring their big stuffed dogs of course!

Happy and the kids came to visit! We had so much fun playing with them, it is always a blast when they come into town. James loved having someone to play with at the beach.

They came with us to one of James' soccer games. (Did I mention how glad I am that soccer season is over???). We accidentally got there 30 minutes early because I got the game time mixed up, but everyone was a good sport about it.

Nolan and James holding hands on the way back to the car. So dang cute!

Everyone got together at Mimi and Papa's for a pool birthday party for Teya. It was so much fun! Rett wasn't a fan of the pool, so he sat in a chair and watched Cars but James loved it. He tried wearing his floaties for the first time and actually let go and swam around by himself. So awesome!

Rett enjoyed the cupcakes :)

The beautiful birthday girl!

Rett was having fun hugging Dallin while he walked around, pulling Rett with him. Seriously, the best cousins ever. If we could just transport them back to Florida whenever we wanted to, life would be perfect!

One of the days we all got into the boat for a trip to "pirate island" as James calls it. We explored the island for a little bit.

We found a lot of dead horseshoe crabs!

James and Nolan had the best time finding hermit crabs and then handing them to me to hold while they found more. When they weren't looking I would just throw them back into the water :)

Rett got a hold of someone's orange peel and he couldn't put it down! He kept walking around and smelling it.

Dallin made an enclosure for hermit crabs and the boys loved finding more for it.

Checking out some creature in the water.

On the way home, James was telling Nolan about something and Nolan was looking at him and listening so intently :) Cousin love is the best!

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Happy said...

It was such a fun trip!! Thanks so much for having us, we loved staying with you guys and spending time with you. Can't wait for next time!