Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Fun!

Even though it is crazy hot, Rett is usually still up for a walk around the neighborhood. This particular day he insisted on pushing the car the entire time!

Running around and doing somersaults:

I finally remembered to pick up James' soccer pictures. Love this handsome kid!

One morning we decided to go visit the turtle rehab and pet the sting rays.

I tried to get a picture of them smiling and happy to be out doing something. At least Rett let me take a few pictures of him! Isn't he just the smooshiest??

This the best that James would do for me :)

We took a nature walk on the boardwalk that ended at a little observation tower.

The lighthouse is only a few streets away. James really wants to climb it again, but we have to go when someone can stay at the bottom with Rett since he is too little to go all the way to the top.

Some cool mushrooms growing on a tree next to the sidewalk.

Afterwards we went to the park down the street and played on the swings and the slide. James got really excited because he spotted a woodpecker in one of the trees!

One morning Rett slipped into James' room and found his stash of tic-tac boxes that he saves whenever he gets them as treats. Rett ate an entire box of orange tic-tacs and then came into the living room. James was very upset, but Rett had no remorse :) I asked him, "Rett! Did you eat James' tic tacs?". He answered, "Yep."

While Rett was napping one afternoon, James and I sat on my bed and did some mazes out a kindergarten workbook. I was feeling so tired, so I told James I was going to rest my eyes for a few minutes. He snuggled up to me to wait the few minutes and we both ended up falling asleep! This is how Anthony found us when he came home from work. Summer time fun is hard work!

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Happy said...

Love that last picture of you two snuggling. Soooo cute!! Looks like y'all are having a fun summer! I have to admit that we haven't hardly done a thing! I just can't get on top of things this summer! Wish we were looking forward to another visit from you guys!