Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of May

We finally got to go blueberry picking for the first time this year! We were so excited! The bushes were so full, it didn't take us long to fill our buckets. We almost didn't have enough cash to pay for it all!
 Rett didn't stop eating blueberries the entire time! He was in heaven!

 Look at all those berries!

For Mother's day Anthony told me to pick out my present, so I picked these Harry Potter textbooks from Barnes and Noble. Best present ever!

For some reason, the kids in James' class became obsessed with who is marrying who someday and who loves who in class. James decided that he loves Mackenzie (who goes by Mack) and he wanted to write her a note to tell her that he loves her and that he wants to marry her when they grow up.

When he actually had to write it all out, he decided to shorten it :) He gave it to her on the playground the next day and he said she loved it so much that she chased him around the playground. So cute!

We went to Chuck E Cheese and Rett had fun on the slide. He actually enjoys going now!

We are getting creative with James' home therapy. We are supposed to integrate crashing and falling into our daily routine, so this is what we came up with.

We decided to have family home evening in a fort under the dining room table. James gave the lesson by telling us a scripture story and then we played our crocodile tooth game where you take turns pressing down the teeth until it chomps you. Then I taught James how to play rock, paper, scissors. We had so much fun!

James needed a haircut, so we had a discussion about the options. He hates having me do it with the clippers and doesn't mind going to a hair salon where they can do it with scissors (I have no skill cutting hair with scissors). I've started giving him the option of using the haircut money to go to the hair salon, or letting me do it for free at home with the clippers and using the haircut money for a toy. All on his own he came up with the idea of wearing his safety goggles during the haircut so that the hair wouldn't get in his face (the part he hates the most about clipper haircuts).

It worked great!! He was still and quiet the entire time I did it and I was able to get all the parts so much better than usual because he wasn't crying and moving around. I did everything I could around the goggles strap, then I moved the strap up and got underneath it. This was such a win for us!

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