Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Months Old

James is 4 months old today! He is such an adorable baby and we love having him in our family!! Here is his car seat growth comparison picture. As you can see, we had to take the padded insert out since he is growing like a weed!
Life with James has gotten so fun and exciting! It seems like he does something new or develops a new skill almost every day. I've had to move him up in sizes in clothes and put away all of the clothes that don't fit him anymore. Amazing! He has also started sleeping better and for the last few nights he has slept for 11 hours straight. It has been heaven! He used to wake up like clockwork around 1 or 2am for his night time bottle, but he has started getting two bottles a few hours apart around bedtime and it seems to help him last until morning. Hopefully this trend keeps up!

Things he loves at 4 months: anything new or colorful to look at, including people, being held, chewing on his hands or anything he can get into his mouth, taking a bath and splashing the water with his feet, funny or unusual noises, people making faces at him, being tickled, having someone carry him around, being outside, when I get him up from his nap or in the morning- he grins every time even if he was just screaming his head off!

Things he hates at 4 months: going to sleep (man does this kid hate to miss the action), having anyone but me rock him when he is tired (this is something that we are working on fixing!), being in his car seat (although he is getting much better about it), when you are in the room and he can see you but you aren't paying attention to him, loud sudden noises like our crazy dogs barking, when all the interesting people at church go still, like for a prayer...:)

Here are some videos I took today that show some of the fun things he has started to do this month: laugh and babble consonants. In the second one, I love the noise that he makes. He does this all the time now and it sounds so much like "Mama". Awesome!

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Happy said...

Just wanted to let you know that Teya and I have watched these videos of "Baby James" a few times now and we laugh and smile every time! He is so stinkin' cute!!