Friday, June 17, 2011

Who needs a dining room when you have an aquarium...or three.

I decided to take some pictures of what my dining room and garage look like currently so you can see the madness that is Anthony and his aquariums :) He has always wanted to get a bigger aquarium, no matter what size it was at the time. He currently has a 55 gallon in addition to the 20 gallon he had at our old apartment and was in the process of setting up a 75 gallon when someone down the street put their 90 gallon up for sale. What does that mean? A whole mess of aquariums in my house. Anthony says that he plans on selling a few of them. We will see...

 Yes, those are three of my dining room chairs holding up that tank.
 The new stand with the tank that goes underneath resting on top.
The left behind 75 gallon in the garage. The stand is farther out of the picture.


{leah} said...

If were a stationary family.... I think this is what my house would look like.

You are always welcome to send Anthony over here to talk fish takes with Steve.... :)

Happy said...

So I just have to tell you how impressed Jared and I are with you for letting Anthony pursue his hobbies and interests to the extent which you do. We always say how so many wives treat their husbands like their children instead of partner and won't let them do things they want to do, and then there's wives like you who not only support your husband's hobbies, but you let him take over your dinning room with fish tanks! Seriously, pretty impressive!