Friday, June 3, 2011

My first room makeover

When we moved into our new place, we had so much more space! We have a front room that is right after you walk into the front door and I had almost no furniture for it. Just an antique desk that Anthony inheirited and an old loveseat that was given to us when we were first married (which I definitely was ready to get rid of!). I did a lot of planning and researching and trying to teach myself some decorating basics, since I am soo not good at that sort of thing. My ideal decorating situation: seeing a picture in a book or magazine and then duplicating it exactly. I have such a hard time thinking of what will look good right out of my head. However, I didn't get this out of a book and I think I did pretty good!!


I tried to be as economical as possible and use as much as I could of what I already had. The damage? Here is the list:
  • Used leather sleeper couch from craigslist: $275
  • End tables from craigslist: $100
  • Shag rug on clearance at Walmart: $50
  • Lamps, curtain rod, and vase from dollar general: $37
  • Tree vinyl art from target (sticks right on the wall, so cool!): $20
  • Hanging mirror set and potpurri from Bealls Outlet: $14
  • Hanging decorations from family dollar: $12
  • Curtains from $10
Everything else I already had. Grand total for my room makeover: $518. Not bad for an entire room! I love that we got a sleeper couch so we now have that much more room for guests!

While I've been decorating, I finally got around to putting up all of our diplomas and certificates. Now that it is finished, I took a picture of our "wall of fame". I love that this wall is actually complete now!


Happy said...

It looks awesome, good job!! I especially love the tree! I'm glad you explained what it was b/c I was trying to look closely at it to figure out exactly what type of material it was- it looks great! And I also love your diploma wall- I still need to get ours framed, but mine is like 12x15 or some enormous size, so I have never figured out what to do with it!

{leah} said...

I love it!!! You did a good job! I love trying to decorate for really cheap.... one day I'll have the energy to try again! :)