Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting with the Family

A few weeks ago we got to go down to Port Saint Lucie to visit with Anthony's sister and her family for her birthday. It was a blast! Happy made an AMAZING crockpot chicken that Anthony requests at least once a week and James got to visit with his cousins.
I think this little boy is going to grow up thinking that you are supposed to hug, kiss, cuddle, and snuggle 24/7 because we just can't keep our hands off of him!! Of course, it helps to have such wonderful relatives who seem to love your child as much as you do :)

Happy was able to sneak in some more professional pictures towards the end of the day. I was so impressed that she was one: able to get such great pictures, and two: that he wasn't crying in most of them!
Oh yes, those blue eyes are here to stay!
I love his face in this one! What was he doing?? Does he do this every time we carry him somewhere? The things you find out when you have a camera behind you.
In the car seat on the way home. Fun times!

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Happy said...

I love that picture of him from behind too! Hahaha! In the other pictures I took like that he wasn't doing anything too exciting but I thought that one was so funny so I had to pick it. We love that little baby and can't get enough of him either!! So glad you guys came down that weekend!