Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rolling Over!

Today James rolled over from back to front for the very first time!! He has been rolling onto his side pretty well the past few days and even though he doesn't really like to be on his stomach, he kept trying to roll onto it just to see if he could I guess :) I was watching him try and try and try and as soon as I looked away and then back, he was on his stomach! Luckily he did it again right away and I was able to catch it on camera. It is so exciting to see him grow and develop and hit milestones! He will be 5 months old this Friday. Can someone tell me how he got to be 5 months old already??


Happy said...

How exciting! Isn't every little milestone just so exciting?! Love it!

Happy said...

Oh, didn't know I'd already made a comment on this, but wanted to say that I just showed this video to Jared and Teya while they were sitting at the computer and they thought it was super cute too. Also, I just remembered that I missed Dallin rolling over for the very first time too! I left the room with him on his back and came back in to find him on his stomach! They really need to learn to time those milestones better!