Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Happy List

James is taking a pretty good nap this afternoon, so I have time to link up my Happy List with Mamarazzi over at Dandelion Wishes!

1. I'm happy that I finally allowed myself to get rid of my featureless flip phone and upgraded to a snazzy Droid 2! Not only am I now officially super cool, but I love playing games, searching for geocaches and reading books on it. Oh yeah, and I call people with it occasionally :)

2. I'm happy that I have an appointment to get my hair cut next Thursday! I have been DYING for a cut recently and I always sabotage myself by waiting, waiting, and waiting until I can't stand it anymore and then end up with a bad impulse cut at a walk in place in a strip mall. No more my friend! A wonderful lady at church is a professional stylist and agreed to cut my hair. Ahh, I can feel the beautiful hair already.

3. I'm happy that even though I'm not losing weight, I feel like things are looking and fitting better. Which means I am gaining muscle right? Or something. Either way, I feel like all of the geocaching exercise and trying to eat better have been slowly but surely making my body something I sort of recognize.

4. I'm happy that my mom is coming to visit for Memorial Day and that Anthony has the day off of work. He actually has a two day weekend!! We are going to have so much fun, and Anthony and I are going to have a little date night out of the house Sunday night after James goes to bed. Nothing too much since it is Sunday, just some time to take a walk by ourselves on the beach, but still exciting!

So what are you happy about this week?


Mamarazzi said...

yay for a fancy phone and naps that allow blogging time!!

thanks for linking up!!

Conni said...

Visitng from Mamarazzi

I am having the want for a cooler phone too, I am looking at the iphone, but am not sure

Napping babies that is always something to be happy about, but a nap your self would also be good

Thanks for sharing

Dysfunctional Mom said...

You sound just like me with the haircut situation. One of these days I'll find someone I love!
The new phone sounds great, too.

Phambabe said...

Happy that you guys are having some couple time!! And JEALOUS that you get Mom for the weekend! (I guess I can't be too jealous, since I get her for a month pretty soon :P)

I am super happy that my peas are finally, actually producing PEAS!

I am happy that the pool is open and we secured a pool pass and Savino totally loves swimming and is completely wiped out by it

I am very happy that Tim razed our back yard so we can play in it, and happy that it means we can all take a break and enjoy our Memorial Day!

Phambabe said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the haircut!! Except usually my strip mall haircut is a "someone I know who probably shouldn't be cutting hair" haircut or "butchered it myself" haircut. I am so glad that I went to our stylist to get it done this time because I have been very happy with it. I might get my bangs cut a bit shorter, but other than that it has been very nice to have a FLATTERING hair cut lol!!