Saturday, May 7, 2011

Geocache #2

Early this morning James and I set out on our second geocaching adventure! Anthony was getting ready for work, so he decided to take pictures of our set up :)

Not liking it for some reason, trying to calm him down.
I didn't have to use a GPS for this one, the descriptions were pretty helpful and I was fairly certain I knew exactly where to look once I got there. I read that there were a lot of ducks in the duck pond I was walking to, so I made sure to put some bread in my bag for them.
I found it!

The fake duck had a bottom that slid out to reveal a secret compartment

As I was signing the log, a few ducks rushed over to see what I had for them.
This cache was 1.7 miles away from my house, so 3.4 miles round trip. I thought it would be no problem, I used to routinely walk 3.2 miles on my lunch break but man was I tired towards the end!

Interesting things I noticed/learned on my walk:
* There are at least 4 military veterans on the street I live on. Most of them have a flag pole in their yard with an American flag and then a military flag (POW, marines, etc...). Two of them live right next door and across the street!

* I wandered by a garage sale on my way back and started looking through a stack of books an old woman had for sale. She was at least 65, and here are a few sample titles of the books: "Sex over age 50", "A guide to getting it on", "A passion filled marriage" funny! and awkward...

* For some reason, you get a lot of strange looks when you power walk by, wearing a baby. I don't think we are that weird, but with a large majority of our neighbors being retired seniors maybe it is just a new thing to them? Were there no baby wearing moms back in the day?


Happy said...

How fun! I have always wanted to do this and a couple of times we were going to, but there weren't any super close to our house so we didn't end up going. But sounds like its fun and I love that you have a goal to work towards when you get out and walk!

Angie Ora said...

That fake duck is pretty cool!

It sounds like you live by some good, patriotic people. The garage sale neighbor sounds like an interesting one! That makes me wonder what people would think if I ever sold all MY books. They'd think I needed a lot of self-help! Fun to get the latest on you. It looks like everything is going really well! (We miss you)

Lindsey and Bryan said...

Oh man, we LOVE geocaching! It is so much fun:) We have to drive to them now because we've found the few that are within walking distance from out apartment, lol.