Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have really been wanting to get outside and start walking more often, but being who I am I can't just go walk. I need a goal, an activity, something to accomplish otherwise I get bored to tears. So, James and I decided to go geocaching! Anthony had never heard of it before, so if you are like him and don't know what it is, geocaching is an outdoor "treasure-hunting" game where people hide containers at different coordinates and then post the location and clues online. You use a GPS to find the coordinates and then search for the cache. Inside you will usually find a logbook where you write your name and the date when you found it and sometimes there will be a collection of small trinkets to collect. You are free to take one as long as you leave another one in its place. I looked online and there are 9 different ones within 2 miles of our house and today we found our very first one!
Trying to get a picture of the two of us.

Build-a-bear hat still fits!

Today was our first outing with James in a moby-style wrap. So comfortable!
We found it!!
Push the turtle aside to reveal the treasures

Look at how many people have found this! It has been going since 2009.
So much fun! I can't wait to find our next one. I think we will try one that is supposed to be by a duck pond next...

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Phambabe said...

Yay for geocaching! We've dabbled with it, there are a ton of caches around here, but none of our GPS things seem to work well enough for it, or be precise enough. The only ones we've found were ones where it was ridiculously clear where the cache was, but we've had fun with those!

I LOVE the moby style wraps, they were my all time fav. Tim couldn't handle anything that wasn't clearly structured. He'd take one look at all that fabric and give up before he started, but I thought that they were the most flexible comfortable carriers ever. I always wanted to try a Babyhawk, but I'm too cheap for one. I have friends that carry their 2 and 3 yr olds in one though, so they're definitely built to last. I LOVE that the Build a Bear hat still fits him, how cute!!