Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bath time

There are no pictures that go with this post, for reasons that will become obvious, but I have figured out how to get James to like the bath!

Here is how it happened. I needed to change James' diaper, so I put him on the changing table and took his diaper off. Then I noticed that he had soaked his onesie with drool, so I took that off to change it. Then, looking at my cute naked boy I thought "this would be a good time to weigh him". So I picked him up and took him across the house into the master bathroom where the scale is. I weighed myself (the most painful part) and then I picked him up off the bed and weighed us together. (He weighs 11 pounds by the way!). Then I happened to glance at the bathtub and thought: "Man, that tub is big. I bet I could fit both of us in it!" Ding! Now I really wanted to see what he would do if I got in the tub with him. Would he scream?

I went and got all of his bath stuff, basically just a towel, soap, and the little mesh stand for him to lay on in the tub. I got in and slowly turned the water on. He was mesmerized! He loved it!! He was laughing and kicking his feet and staring at everything. I only filled up the water an inch or so, so I would take the washcloth and drip water over him. He didn't mind at all!! We spent a good 30 minutes in there before I decided it was time to get out. No crying whatsoever! Who knew that all it would take was adding a mommy to the bathtub to make it all better :)

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Phambabe said...

Awesome! I loved Mommy/Savino bath time, I was lucky that Savino only hated the bath when he was wee little. Now he never wants to take a shower with me, only Daddy.