Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week

We took our kites to the beach so the boys could run around with them in the air. The wind was so strong that all you had to do was let go and the kite would go straight into the air!

James ran away from Anthony after bath time and decided to hide in the pantry. When Anthony found him, James tried to come out and realized that he was stuck! Eventually he figured out how to push aside all the things on the floor and crawled out in their place.

We went to the Marine Discovery Center's open house where they had a local fishing club doing workshops showing kids how to set up a fishing pole and how to cast it. At the end of the workshop each kid got to take home a brand new fishing pole with a bag of hooks and goodies. James and Rett both got one and were dying to try them out, so after Anthony got off of work we went to the park to fish off of the dock. Almost as soon as we got there, someone caught and reeled in a 36.5 inch redfish! It was huge!! Anthony got a picture of them measuring it once he got it out of the water.

After that James was even more determined to catch a fish. After I baited his hook, he cast it into the water, felt the fish get on, and reeled it in all by himself! What a pro!

We were running errands in Daytona and were close to the mall, so we stopped to ride the train, play on the playground, and eat some pretzels. Rett loved the train ride!

James was excited too, but was reluctant to smile.

Saturday night there was a wedding reception at church and they had a lot of leftover food, so they invited everyone to stay after church on Sunday and eat it up. Rett was sooo happy for his cupcake :)

James was bored and wanted to go home right away, so I gave him my phone and let him run around and take pictures. He got a picture of me and Anthony talking and eating.

After taking about a billion pictures of his friends eating cupcakes, he decided to place this program exactly how he wanted it and then took about 15 pictures of it. I thought his whole process was pretty cute.

We have been busy, busy, busy at our house lately. Our renters are moving out of our Gainesville condo so we are working on getting it rented and planning weekend trips to do some work on it. Anthony may be starting a post master's online program to get an additional certification for work, so I have had to scramble getting all of his paperwork and application materials together. Everything is submitted, so now we are just waiting to see if he gets in! My Etsy shop has been busier than ever this month, so I have spent a lot of my free time at my sewing machine. I have been averaging 1 to 2 orders a day! Once you factor in James' preschool, my volunteering at his school and the library, church callings, soccer practice and games it is easy to see why we feel like we are running at full speed all day :)

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