Friday, October 2, 2015

Utah Vacation: Battle Creek Falls & Bridal Veil Falls

We were excited to do our first real mountain hiking, so we all went to Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove. We didn't have anything to carry Rett with, but we figured it would just be a short walk... We really underestimated how hard it would be! We are just not used to anything other than walking on flat ground. Add that to the altitude change, we were huffing and puffing! For the last part of it I was carrying our bag with our water and food on one hip and Rett (28 pounds) on the other hip.

Since it was a little chilly in the mornings, James insisted on wearing a jacket every day, no matter how much it warmed up. He said it was too cold to take it off. Florida boy through and through!

Trudging up the mountain. At this point James wanted to be carried too and you can see me having to put him down in the back of the picture. They are both so heavy!

We finally got to see some of the water! It was very exciting for everyone, all the kids were running up to the water to see how cold it was and to throw things in it.

There was a neat little cave to explore. James is in the very back behind Teya.

Towards the end as we were getting closer to the falls, everyone got ahead of me while I plodded along carrying our bag and Rett. At one point I had to stop and put him down to rest for a minute, so I took a picture of my surroundings. Amazing!

We finally made it!
We unpacked our lunches and the boys immediately started throwing rocks into the water. It was the  thing to do :)

Jared decided to climb the rocks by the water fall, so Anthony followed right along. Which meant James wanted to come too!

Thankfully the walk down the mountain was much easier :) James didn't want to be carried this time. He wanted to run ahead with his cousins!

Towards the end of the week we visited Bridal Veil Falls and grilled hot dogs. The walk to the falls was much easier and it was paved (yay!). James wasn't a fan of the how cold the water was (florida boy) so he didn't get in it to explore very much.

 Teya and Dallin started climbing right away. They were pros!
 Grumpy boy :)

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