Saturday, October 10, 2015

North Carolina Vacation

After a week at home after our Utah trip, it was time for our annual family vacation with my side of the family! This year we rented a big vacation house at the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a loooooong car trip there, around 13 hours or so including stops for bathroom breaks and meals. At the halfway point at the border of South and North Carolina we stopped to stretch our legs and check out Reptile Lagoon. It was so much fun! They had all kinds of alligators and crocodiles and snakes.
Anthony was impressed with their variety of snakes, he even saw a few he had never seen in person before!

Right before we left, James came down with a cough/cold and when he coughs a lot, he we did have to stop to clean up puke at a rest stop in North Carolina. When we finally made it to the vacation house we were so glad to be out of the car!

It rained almost nonstop the entire week we were there so there was a lot of this going on. I tried to not feel guilty about the amount of tv they watched, but there was not much else to do!

We tried out the beach on the second day, but the wind was so strong that it was blowing the sand onto our skin and it hurt! The pool was a little too cold for our Florida blood, but James discovered that he loooooved the "hot pool" (hot tub). We wanted to be in it all day. He finally agreed to put his puddle jumper on for the first time and actually floated around without us holding on to him (which he has never done before!). We put Rett's on too and we all got it and played in the water. 

We explored this nearby playground. It looked like so much fun! The boys played for awhile, then we decided to walk to a dock across the road and look at the water.

Trying to keep this kid fed is the hardest thing ever. He is always hungry! I measured him when we got home and he is 75th percentile for weight AND 75th percentile for height. So he is definitely putting it somewhere :)

Our third day there my phone dive-bombed off the bathroom sink while we were getting ready, bounced off the toilet paper holder and into the toilet! I put it in rice for a full day and it still wasn't working, so I spent the rest of the vacation without a phone...which means no more pictures! I tried to remind Anthony to take pictures, but we only got a few for the week. The funniest thing is that after we got home and I bought a new phone, it started working again! So now Rett uses it as an extra device to watch Netflix on.

We tried out the aquarium one afternoon when the rain was down to just a drizzle. They had a huge shark tank that was really fun to watch! I stayed with Rett while Anthony stayed with James so we went through at a different pace :)
After the aquarium, all the boys went off to have a manly lunch. On the way home they stopped at a local donut shop that is amazing and brought some home for us.
I kept the boys and went home to put Rett down for a nap. Rett and I ended up catching James' cough and cold, so he had a rough few days in the beginning of the week, coughing, gagging and vomiting at night. Anthony still can't handle being around vomit, so I ended up taking care of it during the night, cleaning the sheets and getting him into the bath, etc... We were all pretty tired a lot of the time!

There are quite a few lighthouses on the Outer Banks, so one morning we checked out the one closest to us. James really wanted to climb it, but the winds were so strong that it was closed for climbing. We ended up walking around it and then walking out on a boardwalk over the water.

While we were walking on the boardwalk we saw this rabbit eating grass. It let us come right up to him before it ran away!

We played a lot of board games as a family, as well as pool and foosball in the game room at the rental house. I smoked Daniel at foosball and it was awesome because normally he never loses. It was a grand victory! We taught James War and Go fish and he still likes to play them at home. I got hooked on a new tv show on Netflix and watched a bunch of them on a tablet while I rested in bed.

We left for home at the end of the week at 6am and didn't get home until 7:30pm!! We stopped for lunch at a chick-fil-a with a play place so the boys got to run around for a little bit. They were as ready to get out of the car as we were! After so many vacations in such a short amount of time, we are ready to stay home for awhile :)

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