Monday, October 5, 2015

Rett turns 2!

Our smushy boy turned 2! His actual birthday was in the middle of our marathon of vacations, so we didn't plan anything big. I invited a few kids his age from nursery to have pizza and cupcakes at the park. Unfortunately we were rained out, so we moved it to our house. Here he is diving into his cupcake:

Our laid back, easy going baby is turning out to be a sassy 2 year old! Of course, some of it he has learned from his older brother but it is interesting to see other parts of his personality start to emerge. He has mastered the art of throwing himself on the floor if he doesn't get what he wants and he will do dead weight if you try to take his hand and pull him somewhere he doesn't want to go. It is as if he finally realized that he has opinions and that he wants to express them!

His language has really taken off in the past few months and I have lost track of all the things he says now. He calls James "Beese", but he likes to add an "a" to the end of his words so a lot of times he calls James "Beese-a". While James has been in school, we've been learning colors and letters and he has been catching on really quickly! He knows green and yellow really well and is picking up on red and blue. He calls green "green-a". He also says: airplane, car, train, sauce (applesauce), cracky (crackers), beeps (grapes), cheese, milk, ipad, show (tv show), phone, book, boom boom (for chicka chicka boom boom his favorite book), I you (I love you), go! (when he wants to go), wawa (water), crane, pickle (he loves pickles!). 

He is slightly pacifier obsessed and always needs to know where it is at all times. If he is eating or drinking something, he will take it out and hand it to us or yell at us "here go!!" if we are in the car until we take it out of his hand. He takes it out and puts it down so often, that the we lose the darn thing all the time! So when he is looking for it we always ask, "Where'd boppy go?". So now he just calls it "Bobby doh" (for boppy go).

He still doesn't mind when we leave him at nursery, at home with family, or at the daycare at the gym which is awesome. He is so cute when anyone comes back that has been gone. He runs up to them all happy and excited and gives them a big hug around their legs. It feels so good to be greeted like that!
We love our little guy so much and we can't imagine our family without him :)

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