Monday, October 5, 2015

Utah Vacation: Fun with Family

We had so much fun on our vacation spending time together and hanging out. One night Anthony's parents watched all the kids while we had a date night at a Mexican restaurant. On the way there we saw this cool real-life Mater so we had to take a picture of it. Something we never would have done before we had kids...

I stayed home with a grumpy James while everyone else got to go watch Dallin's soccer game. When they came home everyone was excited because Dallin helped score a goal!

The boys put together a puzzle. James never wants to do puzzles at home, but he had so much fun that now he wants to do them all the time. He tells me, "I'm really good at puzzles!"

One night we had cake for Anthony and Rett's birthday. Rett was making blowing motions with his mouth, but not blowing any air :)

One of James' favorite activities was going down the stairs on this mat. They would drag it to the top, sit on it and push themselves down over and over again. For hours! At one point they got paper and made "tickets" for riding the train. James was really sad that we don't have stairs so that we can do this at home.

Our first day Anthony helped Dallin catch a lizard and they took it home to put it in a cage. They caught another one during the week and Anthony would help the boys look for bugs to catch to feed them. Isn't he a fun Uncle/Dad?

One morning we went to an awesome park and everyone had so much fun taking turns on this cool see-saw. Look at Teya and Dallin's faces!
 Teya was so sweet with James and Rett the entire week. They both love her death, James still talks about how sad he is that he doesn't get to play with Teya anymore. :)

One morning we were getting ready to cook some eggs and all the boys wanted a turn cracking the eggs. James loves to help me with this at home and they all wanted a turn. They were staring at the eggs, just waiting, so I told them they could hold theirs until the pan was ready. They each immediately grabbed one! Such joy in little things.

I hadn't seen James in awhile, so I decided to track him down to make sure he was behaving. I found him playing happily and peacefully with Dallin and his legos. Can I just watch say how amazing it was to watch James play so well with his cousins? It was one of the best parts of our vacation.

One morning we visited the children's museum and it was the coolest kid place I've ever seen! It was huge! There were so many sections I can't imagine kids ever getting bored there. There was a cute place for toddlers that Rett enjoyed for awhile.

When we first come in there is a large jungle gym with multiple levels and tall rope bridges. James and Nolan had a blast running around in there!

While we were sitting waiting for the kids while they played, we heard a little boy run to his dad and say, "A boy just hit me in the face!" and he was pulling his dad towards the play area to show him which boy it was. We all just looked at each other because our instant thought was that it could have been James or Nolan. I walked back behind the boy and his dad and after a few steps the boy said, "He isn't here anymore!". James and Nolan were at the other end of the room, so I thought maybe it wasn't one of them after all. About an hour later when I was tracking the boys down to get them to come with us to another area, the little boy spotted James and said, "Hey! I've been looking for you! You need to say sorry!" Turns out it was James after all, of course. I keep telling myself that one day all of his fire and determination will be used for good. Right now it is used for being stubborn and trying to get his way :) Little stinker!

I tried going with Rett on one of the rope bridges, but he wasn't a fan. He just wanted out.

There were multiple rooms with different pretend play areas, like this bank, complete with a vault, a cash box, and a pneumatic tube system. James loved making the tube go back and forth.

Dallin came and got James to show him this room for programming different drum beats. He was really excited to show James and told us we would "freak out".

On the drive back to the airport, the boys passed out in their car seats. We all played hard! It was exhausting, but so much fun. We can't wait to go back and do it again!

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