Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mimi and Papa Come to Visit!

The week before Halloween, James' class needed help with a pumpkin carving activity, so Anthony's parents came to stay with us for a few days to help watch Rett. It just so happened they needed a place to stay while they got their RV worked on, so it was perfect timing!

Carving pumpkins with a room full of 4 year olds is loud and crazy, but so much fun! Each parent/teacher got a table with one pumpkin and 4 kids. They got to pick out and identify the shapes for the pumpkin face, help scoop out the pumpkin guts (so squishy!), and at the end they got to plant a pumpkin seed in a cup of soil to take home and sprout. 

Our group's pumpkin is the one in the middle. I love how our expression turned out :)

Rett loved having Mimi and Papa all to himself. He especially loved that they would cook him food and feed him whenever he asked! I realized that I didn't think to tell them how we have to cut him off at a certain point :) At lunchtime he was eating some crackers and when he saw us looking at him, he would smile and hide his face while eating.

One afternoon Anthony, his dad, and James took the boat out to go fishing. They had a blast! James caught a few fish, including this trout. Anthony is so proud of his fishing ability. He does most of it all by himself now.

After a lot of rain, we noticed some tadpoles in the water along the side of the road. James was dying to catch one, so we did. I didn't know if we would be able to keep it alive, but we were actually able to get it to stay alive until it turned into a frog! Here it is with just its tail left.

Rett had so much fun playing with Papa! He was chattering up a storm, he always has so much to say. Unfortunately we can't understand most of it :)

Friday night Anthony's parents went home and James had a soccer game. He scored his first goal! We were so proud of him, and he was so happy! 

After the game, we drove to a university nearby that was hosting an astronomy open house. James was so excited to look in the telescopes! He loved every minute of it, and he was really bummed that we didn't have time to wait in line to look in their 1 meter telescope that has its very own dome on the roof. We promised him that next month when they do it again, we will take just him so that we don't have to wrangle Rett and he can experience everything!

Looking at 3D posters of the moon:

Playing with marbles in a gravity simulator experiment:

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Happy said...

Such good grandparents! I can't believe they did the pumpkin carving with a class of 4 year olds, holy cow! Was it stressful or no big deal? Sounds like a fun Halloween!