Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: Week 9

The hunger has set in this week! I am hungry literally all of the time. As soon as I eat, about 15 minutes later I am ready to start planning my next meal. Sometimes it is kind of fun, but at other times it is really inconvenient. Like, when I had to scribe for a spanish exam for someone and about an hour through it I was ready to yell at the student to hurry it up because I needed to eat my lunch! I also get tired of feeling hungry all of the time. Sometimes you just want to feel full and satisfied, but I never seem to be able to get there. Part of it is that I have to pace myself and I can't let myself eat too much or my stomach will hurt and I will feel nauseous. It really is a delicate balance that I have to learn! Another new thing for me is that if I find something that sounds good to me and and I have it, I instantly want another one. Like right away, I need seconds. So strange for me!

The coolest thing yet so far happened this week. We had our first doctor's appointment and our very first ultrasound! I can't describe just how amazing it was!!! We got to literally see the heart beating away and got to hear the heart beat. Here are the best ultrasound pictures from the appointment. We found out that I am a few days farther along than we thought so my new due date is 2/27/11, just two days after my birthday!

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