Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Poor Pitiful Dogs

My poor dogs! They are not having a good week. One of our dogs, Brownie, somehow scratched her cornea last week and we ended up having to take her to the animal hospital. She has had to go back for a check up at least once and was given more medicine. Now we have multiple medications to give her every 4 hours! To make things worse, she hates getting the drops and ointment put into her eyes and rubs at it constantly so we had to get an E-collar for her.

To add to that, our other dog, Bitsy, just went into heat so she is moping around being clingy and giving us sad faces since she has to wear a diaper.

They both painted such a picture last night that we had to take a picture of it. Oh the joys of animal ownership!


Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Brownie looks like he is dressing for outerspacr
Poor dog

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Poor brownie he look like he is getting ready for outer space.

Laura said...

Hi Laganas!!! How are you guys doing? We miss hanging out with you and forcing you to come watch our kids.