Friday, July 9, 2010

Update Finally!

I promise we are still alive and kicking! Life has been a whole lot of the same stuff over and over again that I just couldn't think of anything worth writing! I always used to balk at people who said that or put that in their blog posts, but now I really feel like it is true. We have become pretty boring and monotonous people :)

Anthony and I are starting to really enjoy being cub scout leaders. Even though there is still a lot more to learn and understand (Hello forms!!!!!) we get to just play a lot of the time, so how great of a calling is that? Primary is good too, but it is a little more of a gamble. Some Sundays are great and we think we are pretty good teachers, and other Sundays we wonder what in the world we did to deserve this assignment because we have no idea what to do!

Work is going well for me, same old same old. Anthony's semester is going pretty well and he is looking forward to being done at the end of July. He doesn't hate his life anymore every time he comes home from the health department for his women's rotation, so I think he has gotten used to the more personal aspects of this rotation. I still think it is so funny to me when Anthony comes home from class sometimes, excited to tell me something interesting he learned about how women's bodies work and the majority of the time I already know it. I think he forgets that since I am a women I sort of was forced to learn this stuff already! :) He really loves the day a week he gets to spend at the Urgent Care Clinic and he comes home late in the evening excited about all of the things he was allowed to be in charge of that day. It is really fun for me to see him enjoy himself so much!

My garden is not doing to well. We had such a wonky bit of weather the past few months that it has either been too cold, then too hot, then too much rain at once. Pretty much nothing is left standing, and I was barely ever able to get anything out of it. The plants grew like champs, they just never gave me any vegetables! I'm not giving up, but I definitely have lost a little steam for my tiny backyard garden.

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Happy said...

Yeah for new updates!! Glad everything is going well. It seems like anytime I go to write an update post, just to put up something, I end having a ton to say. It's always fun to read something new, keep it up!